VENT: In bed @ 4am.

VENT: In bed @ 4am.

Too tired for a whole post… I posted this vent today on CreativeXpress’ forum.

So in addition to being hugely pregnant (okay, perhaps just feeling more like it, lol) I could not for the life of me get to sleep last night. My husband had school until 8:20pm, so I had the job of putting the kiddos down and when doing so I had gotten peeved with my daughter. When they watch a movie (last night was Barbie Rapunzel) they have a job when the movie is finished. This was Olivia’s movie from the library so it was her “job” to turn both the TV and DVD player off.

Anywho, we get up to their room and I started getting a little ticked at my girl. “You told me you turned the movie off, Olivia!” She gave me the guilty look and I almost continued and then they both said “No, Mom, it’s off. We did.” That’s when I realized it wasn’t the Rapunzel menu music, it was more muffled and didn’t sound right. My neighbors had music on – they just moved in maybe 3-4 days ago. It was only 7:00pm, not that bad. I ignored it.

So I apologized, passed off the noise, said prayers, kissed them and they went to bed. They were up for a few minutes which was my fault as we were a few minutes late to bed, but they were good for the most part.

Cam was home after 8:30, we did some things online, finished up and went to bed. I was so tired (as usual, lol) I fell asleep fairly quickly but all night I couldn’t roll into a good sleep. I was moving and partially awake and I kept feeling like Cam was crushing me, probably because I was concious than normal, LOL.

Finally Cam rolls over @ 3:40am and says “Are they EVER going to turn that OFF?” I wasn’t that asleep anyway and suddenly it dawned on me. The same music I had heard at 7:00pm earlier was STILL going. At 3:40 in the morning. Cam had been asleep awake asleep awake ever since he laid down. My mind tuned it out because I was so desperate for sleep but obviously it kept my up so I couldn’t REALLY sleep.

It continued until 4am when Cameron finally was fed up and exhausted (he’s in school full time while working full time, we had to get up at 5:55am that morning) and called the Police. While he was on the phone I listened from my bed and realized, they weren’t even playing music. Whatever it was kept stopping and starting, the baseline notes were the same, the percussion was too slow, and the lead melody wasn’t consistent. Then it dawned on me – they were playing GuitarHero. And badly. I’m almost positive. I’ve never played the game, but I have seen/heard it being played and I’m a musician so I know what a CD sounds like, lol. This also explained the off hours and playing into the hours of the morning. I’ve had gamer friends… lol.

Police station sent someone out and right around 4:15am-ish we heard someone knocking VERY loudly on our neighbor’s door. It was hard to tell who was who but I’m pretty sure it was the policeman I heard, and the mumbling was from my neighbor.

The door opened and the policeman said “Hey. What’s going on?”

Neighbor: mumble mumble

Policeman: “Music? At 4 in the morning?”

Neighbor: chuckle (me: think that’s funny nieghbor-man? I’ll give you something to chuckle about, JERK) mumble mumble

Policeman: Starts talking to dispatch.

He then got in his car and left. Cam and I of course couldn’t get back to sleep, tossing and turning, dozed off a few times, but our neighbor was then UNPACKING until at least 5:15am.

Not a good night. Thanks for letting me vent, lol.

Disclaimer: I have no problems with Guitar Hero and staying up late for fun. But if you live in an apartment with a pregnant woman and two kids next door… here’s a thought! Try using: !

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