Our fun day… at the DENTIST.

Our fun day… at the DENTIST.

Never thought you’d see a sentence like that, did you? Thanks to the Pediatric Dentist we go to, that sentence is almost not true enough! Not only is the dentist very nice, the office is a DREAM for the kids basically all done up in the theme of Finding Nemo!

After telling Cam about the office he reminded me we did need to take the kids in and since he wasn’t in school (this was before he went back for this semester) we should take them together so he could help out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make an appointment in time for him to come with us so I took some photos.



Yes, that is a massive shark’s mouth. Do the children hesitate? No, it’s more like easy lunch for the sea creature.



Above each chair (Duncan is positioned awkwardly as this was after his teeth had been cleaned and we were waiting for our dentist to come over) is a TV screen and the kids have options they can choose from for movies to watch. Today Duncan chose Finding Nemo, last time it was Cars.


Though Duncan didn’t need me the whole time, other than some prompting of “open your mouth biiiig!” when he wouldn’t listen to the hygienist, I was next to his chair for the duration of the visit. Olivia sat on her chair by herself the entire time! She did a fantastic job, even carried on detailed conversations with the hygienist and held her own suction tube at the end, LOL. 🙂 A wonderful DORK shot of her.


Yes. He watched the movie like this the WHOLE time we were waiting for the Dentist.

You’d think the kid would just lay down already.


When the hygenist was done with Olivia she raised the chair and took her xrays.  So Olivia had at least a little more excuse to crane her neck to watch the rest of her “The Little Mermaid”.


Sadly, these photos didn’t turn out at all. My phone wouldn’t take photos in action at all, apparently, so I did end up taking a video of this but I can’t get it to transfer from my phone to my computer. So these will have to do. 😦

Oh, might want to explain the massive carousel in the office waiting room… 🙂 So once the kids are done with their exams and have done a good job (no cavities! hurray!) they get to pick a prize from the treasure chest in the hallway and then each child gets a gold coin for the carousel. And they ride it. ‘Nuff said.


Oliva chose the seahorse, Duncan chose the “Nemo” fish.

0127091140bThey also have a more baby-aged seat with a seat belt. Or baby-aged sea turtle with a seat belt.

So, as you can see, when getting your teeth cleaned here – it’s HARDLY a burdensome trip to the Dentist’s office where everyone moans and cries and loses their sanity before walking through the doors to their doom. It’s actually very fun, and for a pregnant mother with two children and 3 weeks to go before adding a third – this is heaven on earth. 😉

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