27 weeks, and then some.

27 weeks, and then some.

So we missed it, again, but really all my photos have been hit and miss. Some weeks I’ve been good and gotten the actual day that I turn that many weeks, etc. I think I’m the only one bothered by the missed days.

Here it is, yours truly at 37 weeks and 3 days.


Ugh, last week’s was kind of smaller, so I didn’t resize it this time, just cropped. Apparently I still need to play around and find a few exact sizes I like. I did the black and white for fun, because I COULD, so there. Plus it totally makes it look like I could just be wearing kickin’ acid-washed jeans from the 80s. Yeah, man!

And YES, I’m aware for this far along I am still fairly small. But let me tell you – there is NO ROOM left inside of me. I think I’m getting up every 5-10 minutes to dash off to the ladies’ room and watching me put clothes on is like some type of sad, pity-filled show where you just want to help the poor useless creature so she can get DRESSED and look human! Ahh… the joys of pregnancy.

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