I, amazingly enough, have not nested at ALL today. Besides some laundry. And that’s a basic around these parts.

I need to get some dishes done downstairs which I’ve been procrastinating with getting them done all morning and afternoon, but I put fear into my little maternal body by threatening – what if the baby COMES NOW? Baha, I’m so nice to myself.

Side note: Don’t you just love how being pregnant involves having a little one growing inside of you? Which then involves your organs getting cramped? Which then involves stomach unhappiness? Which then causes you to burp? Which then causes you to have heartburn? Yeah. I thought so.

I also need to fix Duncan’s blanket before it’s completely ripped to shreds with overuse.

And I want to finish embellishing Rachael’s prefolds before she gets here and I’ll say forget it. (Finishing them is also known as JUST DOING THEM. BEGINNING them even. Anything, lol.)

The kids’ quiettime isn’t being very quiet today. I’m getting annoyed.

More later once I have a belly shot for you this week. I’m off to the downstairs to do dishes, munch on a “Tums”, and force some more water into myself.

K, baby, after the dishes are done – GO! 😛

Maybe, after dishes, I can get back to some nesting.

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