O56: Princess Dreams

O56: Princess Dreams


56 months.

Can you believe it? I surely can’t. And thanks to the pregnancy I had zero trust in myself and probably recounted those months about 2 dozen different times in every way I could think of other than literally getting out pen and paper and tallying them up.

This last month in particular has been interesting but a lot of new things have appeared that we haven’t entirely had time to deal with yet.

For one – I’m pregnant. You went through this before, obviously, with Duncan but you were so young I don’t think you ever really understood what that meant. Until we brought the sweet little swollen ball of boy baby home, it was like playing with a puppy at someone else’s house – you could just go home and he wouldn’t be around. But now it was home. He was here to stay and he was yours. You adjusted quickly, loved him to pieces.

Taken 02.09.06
Taken 02.09.06

But this time it’s different. You saw my abdomen growing, you felt your stubborn little sister in utero claiming her space on my abdomen by jabbing you in the head, back, face – whatever part of you that was anywhere near the middle of my body. You felt her kick, or later when you wanted to feel her kick, pretended to feel a kick and instantly smiling and announcing to the world “I FELT HER KICK!” I knew that what you had felt wasn’t even enough to blame on gas, probably just a quick breath or heartbeat right beneath my stretched out skin. It was so sweet nonetheless. You were excited and I was excited for you! Who wouldn’t want another little Princess to play with all the time?

You love to see what we’ve bought for Rachael, where she’ll sleep, what toys are “hers” and you especially love the diapers! I’ve never seen you so interested in diapers before! We put them on your baby Chou Chou, we put them on stuffed animals, we borrow tiny baby clothes to dress Chou Chou – the fun just never ends. You can’t wait for Rachael to arrive.

Olivia's "Sleeping Beauty" dress from Gma Tanya

You also love to remind me, something which I’m sure Daddy enjoys, to sit down, not go up and down the stairs too much, “don’t pick up Duncan”, etc. You’re smart enough to know that when Daddy says I can’t do something because of the baby and what Paula said, that you won’t allow me to sneak and do it anyway! I don’t know who’s more tired of “Dunky, mommy can’t lift you up right now. She has a baby in her tummy,” me? Or Duncan? It might be a tie. ๐Ÿ˜›

Throughout it all – you, as always, manage to stay true to your namesake. We watched Olivia the Pig for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the first time I heard that little Pig say “Oh, that’s just Ian. My little BOTHER…” I about fell over – if that statement wasn’t Olivia, I don’t know what is. We had a lot of fun watching the show and you’ve caught it a few times since then but you don’t carry very much interest in television – even the Olivia kind.

Olivia on NickJr
Olivia on NickJr

You still love Princesses, who’d have guessed, right? On a visit to RC Willey to pick up a bed frame for our Master Bedroom, you, Duncan, and I waited for the truck to get loaded up while we played in the Children’s bed area. You found a Princess bed, of course. We sat in the area for a long time while you sat at the vanity, explored the “prop” boxes and talked about your beautiful new Princess room. I’ve never fully wanted you to have your own room before then. Seeing how much fun you had in a complete GIRL room was an eye opener to the fact that even though I didn’t think you could be anymore ofย  a girl – you most definitely CAN.

Olivia's Dream Room ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of Princesses… this year Daddy and I have decided to take you and Duncan, and Rachael as she’ll be here by then, to Disneyland! We orginally planned to go the end of May while Daddy was out of school but then Disney came out with their new promotion of getting a free pass on the day of your birthday! We bumped our plans to be there the first week of June before your birthday and on that day as well. Nothing’s set in stone yet but I know we’ll definitely be doing some girly things that day for sure. There’s the Princess Fantasy Faire with a character meet-and-greet and a show complete with dancing and PRINCES! Ooh la la! On my and Daddy’s honeymoon we went through the character line and met a bunch of the Princesses but we didn’t stay to see the show. There’s also a new event that’s opened up since Daddy and I were there last called Pixie Hollow – it’s based off of the Pixie movie including Tinkerbell. None of us have seen it – will that matter? I HIGHLY doubt it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Olivia & Duncan on an extremely cool bed from the overly-organized Mother's point of view.
Duncan & Olivia 01.25.09

Registration for Kindergarten is on the 17th – of course, the day after my due date! Daddy is going to go get you registered and get our name on the list for when more decisions are made and need to be made – all of this to get you to Kindergarten! I’m very excited for you to start for a huge list of reasons but one that I think will make the biggest difference to you personally is friends! You loved your little friends from Preschool and I was heartbroken to have to take you out when we did but it did show me that you loved being in that environment and loved having social time with other little friends your age! You’re such a big girl, I can’t even begin to grasp the concept that you’ll be going to Kindergarten in less than 7 months. And turning 5 years old in even less time!


From Barbie movies to baby prep, these have been some busy, but fun, times for all of us. But I can see that you’re doing your best to keep on top of everything you love and enjoy doing it all while squeezing in some bugging brother time – you always knew how to keep your priorities straight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love you.

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