D36: Duncan’s Birthday!

D36: Duncan’s Birthday!

I finally remembered to have Cam bring the camera up from the car (we had it in there from our last hospital visit, worried it would be our last for this pregnancy) and so I’ve got the time and the photos to finally do Duncan’s birthday post!

Here are some photos:


Uhm, yeah. This is what happens to your cake when you ask mommy for a chocolate tool cake, she’s so sick she can hardly see straight, so pregnant she can hardly stand up straight, and when she forgets she’s in Utah and needs to adjust the recipe for elevation. *smack* A deflated middle german chocolate cake that mommy painstakingly cut apart and “built” something that looks like tools went crazy on a 3-year-old’s birthday cake. Welcome to my life. 😛


Shortly after singing happy birthday, serving the cake, and eating, Daddy cleaned off the “cake tools” for Duncan and he immediately place as many of them as he could into his pockets, loops, belt, pants – anywhere they fit. This boy is truly a BOY.


Card and Diego stickers from Aunt Jennifer, Uncle John, Gabby, MyKayla, Benjamin & Brighton!


Thomas the Train Quillow and book from Grammy & Pa in Oregon!


Fun Farm from Gma Cole in Washington!


Johnny Tractor & Friends (John Deere) puzzle from Mimi & Papa Bruce – he also got a fishing wooden puzzle, alphabet wooden puzzle, and a cool Cars set that fits inside of…


… his cars container! 🙂

Cam got him this Cars container shaped like a tire – it came with a “SnotRod” and it stores cars as well as launches them out the front, lol. Cam was very proud. 🙂


Cars watch from Mommy and Daddy – here’s Daddy helping him put it on. And, yes, Duncan asked to wear matching shirts on his birthday. Cam put up with my making him do so. 🙂


Duncan opening his present from Grandma Bonnie & Grandpa Bill in Oregon. They sent him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book, Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and sweats to go with it, and Mickey Mouse pajamas!


Olivia also got some gifts from Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Bill in Oregon – here she is with one of the crown and earring sets. So Princess! 🙂


Duncan zoning in front of his Mickey Mouse pjs I mentioned before. 🙂


The unveiling of…


The Tool Bench!



The Tool Bench was a huge success and he definitely LOVED the safety goggles that came with it. Eventually this special tool bench gets to go outside in the garage next to Daddy’s tools so they can build together. 🙂


Here’s Princess Olivia and her new jewelry, crown and wand (in her right hand).


And for the rest of the evening you could find Papa Bruce, Duncan and Cam all sitting happily around Duncan’s new Tool Bench, lol. Boys. 😛

2 thoughts on “D36: Duncan’s Birthday!

  1. Your little boy is going to be one heartbreaker once he hits highschool! What a cutie! Hope you guys are doing well. I’m lookin forward to the post about your newest little edition as well 🙂

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