O57: The Biggest Sister

O57: The Biggest Sister

What a ride the past month has been. Definitely interesting. Of course the biggest “news” has been your baby sister, Rachael, being born but I don’t think we had any idea the huge affect this would have on you. YOU ARE OBSESSED. You love Rae so much I feel smothered for her! 🙂 You love to help out when I change her diaper, change her clothes, give her a bath, sit with her after she’s eaten – the only alone time I have with the child is when I feed her and that’s only because you’re not lactating – thank heavens, otherwise I don’t know that I’d ever see her!


Since the moment you made your own arrival into my arms at the hospital, part of me always wondered how you’d be with siblings. I always wanted more children, knew I’d have more – something told me you’d be a natural, and I’m sure you’ve turned out to be just as helpful as I was with Dan or Maddie when we were kids. You always loved Duncan, despite your WWE matches together, but this time around you weren’t 20 moths like when Duncan was born, you were 56 months old. That age difference has your personality and mannerisms on their way to being fully developed for one a little older than what they appear. You’re also much more able to really help, something you’ve wanted to do since Duncan appeared. It’s been a real big sister way of life around here – your newest job has by far become your favorite.


You used to love to ask to borrow my phone to take photos. Now your new questions is, “Mom, can I hold baby Rachael so you can take a  picture of us?” and, of course, when there’s no camera in site you’re more than happy to settle for just holding her. 🙂


When I take a shower, clean a toilet, fold laundry – you name it – you’re right behind me asking if it’s time for you to babysit baby Rachael. We used to count down the days until spring (weather) and summer would show up – now it’s “Is it Spring so we can take baby Rachael to the park? Can I hold her on the slide? Is it warm enough to wear a dress and Rachael can too?”


We were always aware we had a GIRL (the big, pink, frou frou, princess type of girl) but now that we have two girls, I wonder if we’ll ever recover from the huge pink loads of laundry and the excited gasps of delight each time you discover lace trim, capped “puffy” sleeves, or flowers and butterflies on anything Rae owns, wears, or has yet to wear. I can’t imagine Rachael turning out very different from you – what, with all the lessons she’ll receive, examples she’ll witness, and with her very own expert How-To-Be-A-Princess tutor… who could blame her?

We love you, Livy, and are so pround of the big sister you are (again!) – keep up the good work and know that Rae-rae is thankful for you too. 🙂


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