Hogle me penniless…

Hogle me penniless…

We went to the Zoo with our weekend company, all in town for Rachael’s blessing on Sunday. Dad had a client he needed to visit but the rest of the gang joined us. There was my Gma Cole, my Aunt Robin, my cousins Cliff & Janna Herron, their daughter Audrey, my cousins Doug & Misty Heward, their son Lincoln, and our little family as well. Including almost-month-old Rae in her SleepyWrap.

Unfortunately, this will be at the end of our Zoo trips since the pass that we purchased last year has gone up by $20! Cameron’s upset over it, especially since when we all went out and voted, their requests passed, and they received more money… only to raise the rates? Interesting. So our membership expires in May and, apparently, so will our visits to the Zoo.

So, anyway, we had a great time and it was cute to see the kids all meeting and playing together, or attempting. I think Duncan called Audrey “that girl” for the the entire trip minus maybe 5 minutes. 🙂 Leave it to Dunc. Here are some photos.


Visiting the monkeys.


Gma & Liv on the big elephant. 🙂


My boys looking at the cougars.

(This was seconds before someone yelled out, “So I see cougars, where are the Utes?” To which Cameron responded, “The cougars ate them!” Ahh… boys…)


Duncan inspecting the Bear’s pen.


Playing with Daddy (Photo by Cameron)


While I’m not a fan of me in this shot, I love the little headband-ed head peeking out of the SleepyWrap. I LOVE my wrap. 🙂 Saves me time and time again. Don’t know how I’d grocery shop without it! (Photo by Cameron)


The cozy wee one. (Photo by Cameron)


Olivia (Photo by Cameron)


Duncan a la mode. (Photo by Cameron)


More sling baby. 🙂 (Photo by Cameron)


More Olivia (Photo by Cameron)


And more Olivia… (Photo by Cameron)

I must confess, my blog is not the only thing lacking since we had the baby… it really feels like my external drive where I store all my photos has been lacking as well. Well, and the nicer camera stays put away more often than the not as nice camera, lol. But I need to be better about photos, especially with this little bean growing up so fast, Duncan not far behind and gaining on 4 years old, and phhhfft, don’t even get me started on my 4-year-old going on 17…

Hope you enjoyed our Zoo trip. 🙂

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