The search has begun… again!

The search has begun… again!

Cameron and I got the name of a Realtor from my friend Erica Mecham and her fiance, Isaac, and immediately put him to work. He’s sent us numerous listings, we’ve sent numerous one back to him and hopefully next weekend (I don’t think today, Saturday, worked out for him) we’ll get out to see some more houses. They’re all short sale and we’re eager to get some offers down soon.

In other news, Rachael’s night – even though I’m here online at 4:30am – seems to be going better tonight. Less gas, more eating, less fussing, and perhaps in a few… more SLEEPING? Uhh, such bliss. 😉

I got a $50 Ross giftcard from my parents for my birthday (I know! They rock!) and since it doesn’t look like Bruce, our realtor, can take us out today… I might get to go shopping instead. Of course this will be my first real shopping outing for me with all three kids. Yikes – who shops for clothes with thier three kids? But it will be fun to go to Ross nonetheless. 🙂

I’m off to try and go back to bed with this little night owl… wish me luck!

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