nak. idk, imho…

nak. idk, imho…

read as: [Nursing at keyboard. I don’t know, in my humble opinion…] things may slowly be crawling back to normal. While the nursing continues to take over my life, I have learned to offer Rachael a “snack” while she’s in the sling. This is extremely useful when family is visiting and you have no desire to hold up the line and make everyone behind on outings nor miss out on the fun. It’s also very useful when your husband convinces you to go to Ross and pick out items using your birthday gift card, the Realtor calls saying he wants to meet @ 3pm, you rush through fitting room, stand in line and suddenly someone is hungry… sure I had to hand her my items and pay with one hand but all in all, I was covered, she was eating, all were happy.

So, we found a house. It’s a four bedroom, 1-3/4 bathroom – no work to be done immediately and IN our price range! We placed an offer officially today and we’ll hear back about it on Wednesday by 7pm. There are three bedrooms upstairs and a full bathroom. The master has bay windows, two closets, and an entrance to the bathroom. The bedroom where we’d put Liv and Dunc has a bay window with a seat of sorts… hard to explain. The nursery is next to that and Rachael would take the curtains with her into her room as she has one window and the kids have two. I’ll have to brainstorm an effective way to put curtains up in their window. Both rooms have closets… duh.

The main bathroom is shared, it’s one of the drawbacks. There’s one door in the hallway leading in and another from the master leading in. The tub (prepare yourself Gma Cole) while being seperate (no shower with it) is PINK. Gma, we might match! ๐Ÿ™‚ The stand up shower is obviously seperate from the bath and glass doors. Frustration? My beautiful bathroom set would be all but obselete and would definitely not match the tub, lol. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ve made it clear that upon recieving a yes in this offer – that bath needs to go within a year. The bathroom does, however, have double sinks! Yay!

That’s the second floor, by the way. Add a linen closet to that.

The main floor (floor uno) has the entrance, the family room, the kitchen, dining room, and fireplace. The floorplan of these two floors is very open, vaulted ceilings, open air above all, etc. PERFECT for echoing those blood curdling screams from my three little angels, happily playing away. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice big window in the family room. The kitchen is not horribly large, but much more room then where we are now. Plus a nice sized window. If we end up staying longer than a few years, the plan would be to rip out the kitchen and redo it into a large country kitchen with an eat-in dining room. The kitchen does have a pantry (+++) horray. ๐Ÿ™‚

Down a small 3-4 step flight of stairs is the garage. Down a more regular sized flight of stairs is the remodeling they started. Tiled hallway, closets for storage, same new carpet in 4th bedroom, even nightlights in the hallway – never seen that before, lol. And, of course, A PLAY ROOM! I don’t know that I’ve ever been more excited. So much so that I’m willing to forego a private scrap//sew area and share an office again with Cam – so worth it to have a play room for the kids. Out comes the Dora table and kitchen, the tool bench, the giraffe chair, and of course – Olivia’s dream of a real doll house. The bathroom downstairs has a stand up shower and also houses the washer and dryer. Not crazy about that but again… no place is perfect and there’s not only a lot of good upfront qualities about this house but there’s also a lot of room for growth and putting our own personality into it.

Then of course, last but not least, the HUGE back yard. And when I say huge… I’m not kidding. Here’s a screen shot of the house on googlemaps:


Teeny photo, but you get the idea. The house from satellite view, a small cement patio, and then back towards the back of the yard a basketball “court”. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cam likes basketball and while the kids are still small, it could be a fun activity for the two of them with Daddy out back. The fact that it’s cement though… that opens up HOURS of chalk playing. We LOVE chalk. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, Dad, here’s an example as to what I meant by there’s “land” behind the house…


See the little “A”? That’s the house. And THAT is the land behind it. Bangerter highway to the west. Just a little bit of land, lol. We’re building our fence next year with the tax money but until then it’ll be open to all of that.(I feel a Dixie Chicks song coming on… name that tune…)

All right, well, I’ve blogged today. Now I must clean. Blech. It was an insanely rough morning including cancelled appointments and MANY tears. Just NOT a good morning. But I’m moving past it to make it a hopefully “easy-rr” night. Cam will be at school until well after the kids are in bed, so if Rae is willing, I’ll have a little time to myself.

Off to do chores. Wish me luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “nak. idk, imho…

  1. I love the backyard! That is amazing! Your cute kids are going to just be able to let their imaginations run wild back there! We had a “basketball court” at my place in Oregon…. Some of the best memories I had were out there with the family shootin’ hoops. I’m excited that you guys have the possibility of the same thing.

    Vaulted ceilings??!! LUCKY! They do wonders for a floorplan.

    Good luck with everything! I hope you guys get it! Yay for house hunting possibly being over!! Keep me updated on how it goes!

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