D37: The Boy with the Big Head.

D37: The Boy with the Big Head.

Welcome to Month 37. And OH MY BUDDHA do you have a big head! And toenails! And you’re TALL! Granted, looking back on this you may think I’m a horrible person. Honestly, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Liv was a GIANT to me when I brought you home. Considering your baby sister’s head is about the size of your big toe, after bringing her home suddenly your head appeared ENORMOUS, your little toenails like salad plates! Liv was already deemed huge after your arrival so you, poor wee Dunc, were the only one branded enormous.


Onto other non-postpartum laced observations, you have also done so much growing in this past month. Though, as we piled into the new doctor’s office for your 2-year-old well-child exam, I knew I’d get the “OH, he’s in the WHAT percentile?” You and Olivia has always managed to hit the bottom of the charts and it’s just how it’s always been.  I was happy to hear your new pediatrician not throw an absolute fit over your measurements. He glanced at me after announcing them and giving a casual, not overdone, wonder as to your numbers he commented “Well, his mama’s tiny – I’m going to guess by your reaction that this is normal for him?” I agreed and explained that you and Liv have always been tiny, other than you weighing in at a miraculous 8 lb 5 oz at birth, you have NEVER tipped any scale in your life.

In other news, you have a new fascination with Pirates. You’ll run around the family room yelling “ARRRR!” with your right eye squinting closed and your left hand shaped into a hook. This is partly because of Peter Pan, which you got for Christmas. Of course, it’s also from Olivia getting the Little Mermaid for Christmas, as you’re convinced that Eric’s crew and shipmates are pirates. You find so many ways to entertain yourselves and I’m so happy I’m lucky enough to not have Zombie Television Dependent kids. You’d take imaginary playing over a TV show any day.


Last month you were  constantly asking about my pregnant belly, then constantly asking about sister and how tiny she is… then it just stopped. It was as if suddenly, your brain understood, “I’ve already asked these questions before. I’ll stop repeating myself.”  This month, you’re now content to just let me know, “Mom, I like baby Rachael,” about every 20-23 minutes.

You still are playing Prince and Princess with Olivia, as usual, but you have this voice that you use now. No matter the character or animal you’re playing, you use “the voice”. Which basically sounds like you’d like to hit puberty sooner than you need to minus the acne and squeaking voice adjustments. When did my babies become KIDS?


As we’re going through all of these changes in our family, changes in structure of schedules, even down to Daddy being back in school after a break and another break coming up… we’ve added one more to the mix. We put an offer down on a house on Monday and we’re supposed to hear back about it tonight. This means several things for you and all of us. One being that we’d like to try it out with you having your own boy room. I’m personally excited for this. I just pray you’ll adjust well and be okay in your own room. You’ve never been on your own before but this would give you a chance to just be a boy, cars on the wall, maybe some more blue, or a new Cars nightlight – something BOY in decor. Definitely something you’ve never experienced before!

You also have started sleeping through the night in panties! (This will thoroughly embarrass you in the future and make your Uncle Dave cringe, but yes, you wear PANTIES – rocket ship, Thomas the Train, army, football, baseball. They’re boy  panties underwear but for some reason we’ve always called them panties. You’ll get over it eventually. Although I can’t say I wouldn’t laugh at a call from your future wife, laughing herself, because you slipped and asked for a pair of panties!) You’re doing a fantastic job and seem to get a kick out of our excitement each time you wake up dry. Such a big boy.


I have to say that each day we play together I realize more and more how excited I am to see you grow up, to see your personality blossom. You’re such a cheese ball, it cracks me up!

You’re such good boy, Duncan, and we love you so much.

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