R1: Your first newsletter.

R1: Your first newsletter.


Well, we’ve managed to survive your first month. It’s been severely overwhelming at times but we have made it. (Don’t let your brother and sister hassle you, they were most of the overwhemling force. :))


You are such a good baby and while at times I find myself longing for the days that you could eat and sleep in semi-peace inside my rounded belly – I’m glad that you’re not! πŸ™‚ The only hard thing about you napping in your first few weeks was simply keeping your siblings quiet so you COULD nap. Then it dawned on meΒ  – why wasn’t I using the coveted shower gift? DUH, I whipped out the sleepy wrap, tied myself up like a crazy fashion statement, and you’ve NEVER slept better! You love your sleepy wrap! (Thanks Danine!) Great for naps, great for folding laundry, great for *carefully* making dinner, great for so many things – most importantly, giving you that sense of security that has shone through your now deeper, longer naps by yourself in your bassinet. πŸ™‚ You go girl!


Already you’ve managed to steal the hearts of all four of us. As much as this is wonderful, it is testing when it comes to Olivia and Duncan’s infatuation with you. They do wear me out when they try but are SO helpful and sweet when I need them. You do enjoy being around them, despite the fact that they are right IN YOUR FACE, ALL the time. And that Duncan’s stepped on a leg or two… punched Liv in the “eyeballssss” to make her back away, or, of course, tried to lift you – the actual process of picking you up I have yet to see, I always find you after and I’m sure his method involves using your head as leverage and offering little to no support. (Don’t worry, I’ve managed to get Olivia to tattle on him before he can go at it, works well. :))


When we first brought you home you were so tiny. Only 6 pounds and 11 ounces, your doctor suspects you lost even more during that first week. For the first couple weeks we used diapers from the hospital, just preemie sized disposables. I tried a prefold on you for fun and it fit great, nice and snug when I fastened it all up – we were ready for cloth! I just wanted to get rid of the rest of the meconium, less staining I figured, and then we’d be ready. Except that I never tried any covers on you… the diapers ran out, I pulled out a prefold and WOW that is a HUGE cover. Needless to say I booked it to Walmart, bought a yard of fleece, and got sewing! You now have grown out of those tiny covers and fit into the “HUGE” ones. Amazing how fast you’ve grown, just in 4 short weeks.


You’re just over six weeks old now, and I can already see the newborn slipping away. You’re finding interest in different objects, you reach for your mobile on your bassinet, you have fantastic head control – although that one is cheating a little, you’ve had terrific control since day one. πŸ™‚ We’re almost to smiling, the corners of that sweet little mouth will sneak up and we get so excited and nope… it’s a fuss, nope… it’s a sneeze… the fun never ends, lol. But we know it’s coming soon and can’t wait. (Camera in hand, haha.)


The only real time I feel I can sit down, or have to at least, is when you’re hungry. And let me tell you, I think those times really do save me. I have a hard time staying focused on one thing at a time, I’m scatterbrained, anxious, busy as can be but when you need to eat – there’s no way around it. Makes it a lot easier on me to know that I need to sit down, calm down, and let you eat. It all works out nicely, gives me a little break, forces me to sit and breathe for a few minutes – which really is vital or my letdown never comes and then it’s pointless. It’s a nice time to just relax, watch you for a few minutes and after you zone and continue your suckling with your eyes closed headed onto la-la-land I get to read a little bit. And we all know how much mama loves to read…


We got your photos taken on Saturday and I’m counting the SECONDS until next Tuesday when Daddy will pick them up and bring them home so I can SEE! I’m so excited. πŸ™‚ But as you can see, even without professional shots we do still have quite a few fun ones.


We love you Rachael and our lives have definitely changed for the better since you’ve arrived. I don’t know that your sister will ever get over you and how much she adores you, and your brother is just as infatuated by anything you do. I’m so excited to see where this next month will take us.


One thought on “R1: Your first newsletter.

  1. these are great pictures! you’re so lucky you get to stay home and not miss anything. I’m so sad thinking about how the sitter is going to see everything after my month off…oh well, I guess I’ll have to learn to deal. You have such beautiful children!

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