Our wee one…

Our wee one…

… has gotten her first cold and it’s definitely taken a toll on both baby and mama. Finding new ways to sleep, breastfeed, and survive the night – all with hopefully only slightly rousing Daddy once or twice. Just when she was really starting to get a night routine down, we’re back to all-nighters.

I have an appointment with my new doctor, surgeon to be exact, tomorrow afternoon. I also need to stop by my Midwife’s office to drop off a paper and a photo of Rachael, then after my appointment with the surgeon I’m running over to Sears to pick up Cam’s Father’s Day gift. Super early, but with good intent and a GREAT price. 😉 The kids are sick as well, same thing Rae has I’m assuming, and so while nursing them all back up to par and attempting to stay healthy myself – I also have to forgo the option of babysitting. 😦 I hate to get other people’s kids sick and with a family as large as Cam’s it’s hard not to pass the sickies around as it is, so I’m not going to push my luck further than I need to. Hopefully they’ll do all right tomorrow, Mimi won’t miss them too much (I hope!), and we’ll be on our way to mended by Easter Sunday (again, I HOPE!).

I’m just still trying not to worry too much over this whole galbladder issue. It’s driving me crazy when I do think about it. So instead, I focus on things like getting to see my oooollllddd oooollldddd (yes, we’re THAT old, haha) friend Kelsie! She’s visiting her sister who lives here in Utah, and her Mom is coming along for the trip. So when they’re going to take some time together on Friday, Kels gets to swipe the car and come visit me! Horray! 🙂 She’ll be here on Friday sometime.

No news on the house, the homeowners are still living there and did accept our offer, but since it’s short sale we’re waiting on the bank at this point. Which could be until June 30th! *faint* But, on the bright side, we are the only offer so far on the house, both Realtors (ours and theirs) are pushing for this particular sale and we’ll hope it all works out… we’ll see. Our Realtor, Bruce, has been very good about the whole thing. He’s keeping in contact even when there may not be much to report, haha, but he does make sure to let us know he’s still here and the progress, if any, with the bank.

Well, off to fold laundry. Woohoo… my life is just SO glamorous. 😉

Might do a newsletter tomorrow – maybe Duncan’s first this month.

Until tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Our wee one…

  1. I’m sorry to hear all your kids are sick- I hope they feel better soon. I went to the doctors today and had an abdominal ultrasound and it turns out I have gallstones 😦 I have to stick w/ a strict no fat diet until the baby is born… the list of food is so short and I don’t like most of it on there so I just end up not eating. Did you have your problem while you were still pregnant?

  2. Wow woman, you have a lot going on! So sorry your wee one is sick. When I had Kensington, my whole household was sick-including me. I was successful in not getting her sick for an entire month, but KJ got sick again and well there ya go. She had congestion…but we kicked it in a week with a vaporizer, humidifier, and plenty of nose pumping! All the while having to contend with clogged tear ducts.

    I didn’t realize you were dealing with gall bladder issues. I KNOW your pain all too well. For some reason, it’s very common after pregnancy. I had mines removed lap last year about a month before I got preggers. Trust me, it’s the best thing I could’ve done! I had been having attacks for almost a year and didn’t know what the hell was going on. I probably had like 5 attacks in that time, but the last attack I had…I felt like I was gonna die! I went to the doctors office, and within 2 weeks I had surgery. Ok, this is turning into a book!

    I guess I just wanted to say HI and ck on you and the baby. Dont be nervous (hard not to do because I was) because the benefit of the surgery outweighs not having it by 200%! You may even get to go home the same day, I had to stay two nights because I was sick from anesthesia and they had to rule out infection or anything else before I could go home. Hey girl, take care and I hope to see you for a little bit at the cc at bunny’s! Hugs!

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