So it’s been a while.

So it’s been a while.

Six days I believe? It’s amazing how much can all take place in just a matter of weeks. The baby set me back a while, then my gallbladder. Now I’ve got appointments tomorrow and 3 appointments in a row next week. If I can keep my anxiety in check, we might live to see next month.

So yes, I’m alive and OFF the narcotics, thank goodness. Rae and I had some interesting times with being told I couldn’t breastfeed her, then that I could, only to have her attempt to refuse to go back to breast because I was beginning to lose my supply and she of course was used to being able to open and receive instant milk from her bottles. I’m just happy we’re finally back at a more normal spot. She still is very “hungry” and constantly wanting to turn and eat anytime I’ve got her. But considering she just turned 9 weeks yesterday, this could be a continued spurt from 8 weeks, or perhaps she’s just peaking now? No way to really tell. But on the bright side, she’s getting enough milk, I can see her swallowing, and WOW has she grown! She seems like such a big girl. 🙂

Cameron’s birthday was on Monday this week and I didn’t take ANY photos. I know, not me at all, right? I figured, I’d let him off the hook this year. He HATES having his photo taken so I figured I’d let him off the hook and not take any. We did have fun though. Monday night he had school so we had a sort of mini party with Chinese (his choice for dinner) and cupcakes. Duncan painted and then put together (assembly assisted by Mom) a race car for Cam, Liv painted a picture frame for him and we put a photo from Easter with all three of the kids in it. I got him two shirts, a BYU hat, the new Eagles album on CD, and I attempted to allow him to get this remote he’s been wanting for a while. It’s supposedly one of those “all in one” remotes. He, of course, said it was a want not a need and refused to follow through. Stinker. At least I’ll have an excuse for when he starts to drool over them again. We’ll go out to dinner Friday night and I’ll make him his favorite, Gma Cole’s Sleuth Cake, on Saturday with frosting and candles – the whole bit. 😉 I’ll probably at least take a photo of him with the cake at that point. Especially since I decorated the whole downstairs with streamers and “boy” decorations… I’m so nice. 🙂

Anyway, this was just a note to let the world know I’m still alive. 🙂 Only way to go from here is up, I’m going to try and make sure of that. 🙂

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