So… I know, I know…

So… I know, I know…

… this is bad. I’ve slightly (totally) not (yes I have) fallen in love with this house…

Darn you, female feelings…

Here are some shots. Ignore the spots, blocking the house number, photos of people living there now, etc. I just can’t help but LOVE this place… and it’s sans-stucco, a little bit of the NW in the desert already. 🙂



Gee, what color is that door? Muahahah. 🙂 The quicker-fixer-upper on the front for us would simply be repainting the brown front door to, duh, brown. (Come on, you should all recognize my obsession with brown by now…) We would also, paint the shutters the same color to bring a little color to the house. Not to mention add a big FAT star above the garage door. 🙂 *drool*

Do you see how far in I am already?


Upon entering the house you see the living room (for us, the Music Room) and you’ll never guess! The hunky husband you see in front of you is INCLUDED! I KNOW! I’ve always wanted one of those. 😉

(There’s more photos of this enticing model husband that’s included, please wipe the drool from your chin and be patient.)


This is the brown wall, that will stay, though I am a bit confused as to why they didn’t paint the very top of it? Standing there is Bruce, our realtor. He rocks. (Thanks for sharing, Erica & Isaac!)


Bay window in living room/music room.


Here’s the kitchen. The door to the right is the door to the pantry. A bar to the left with a cupboard under against the far wall – I love that that space is used. Very often it’s wasted and well… if you know my Grammy Victor, you know my need for storage of dishes… 🙂


The dining room and another bay window. And my cute boy. 🙂 Great thing about this house is the majority of the blinds and all of the fixtures can stay as is, we don’t need to replace any of them. 🙂


This room would be Duncan’s because of the blue that’s already here. Not sure if we’ll change that but I definitely don’t like the blue on the closet doors.


The master bedroom, and another shot of the hunky house husband I get upon purchase. 🙂 The room is huge, the bed they have in there is a king size and they have SO much furniture. I was amazed at how large it was. AND it has a ceiling fan. 🙂 Perfect! Huge walk in closet and full bath off of the master. In addition to, the full bath in the hallway for public use. TWO bathrooms for morning use, how WONDERFUL. 🙂 I hate sharing… to be totally honest. Not to mention it will only get worse with age…


This would be Liv & Rae’s room, love the same chair rail as in D’s room. No color, but I’m thinking a light pink under the chair rail. Funny thing about this room is on the wall there was a framed collage of these signed photos of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and High School Musical’s Vanessa Anne Hudgens, etc. Cracked me up, Liv was in HEAVEN.


View of the kitchen and dining room from the upstairs stairwell.


This room is basically the only room with staining on the carpet. You can sort of see it here but for budget reasons (and because we have 3 children…) we’ll leave it until next tax refund. I’m not a huge fan of the dark wall, but from what I remember it wasn’t as dark as the photo shows.

This room was easy to picture, simply because we have an oyster colored sofa (like their sofa chair) and a red sofa chair (their red might be a tad brighter than ours, but their couch is around the right color) so the brown may work – it’ll all depend… we still may repaint, probably will.


Here you can see some of the staining. They, the people in the house still, have a dog so obviously, this type of staining is typical. Especially since the dog run is right out this door.


The play room (to be).


Heading downstairs (again, this time to the basement) to the office/scrap-area/sewing-area…


The shelves to the left and the little shelf at the top of the wall to the right – those are MINE. 🙂


This is the other side of the room with a nice big window and closet to the right – Cam’s area will either be under the window or to the right of it… I’m not sure yet.

Okay, time to stop drooling… 😛

But at least this gives you an idea of what we’ve been able to look at. And of course, to realize how horribly sucked in to this house I am… haha. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We REALLY want this one.

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