Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was fun this year (again)! I got my gift early – a really WOMAN mother’s day gift. I would be surprised… if it weren’t for the GORGEOUS tones of brown… how could I resist? I’ll post photos later… 😉 We also visited Cameron’s mom and dropped off her card, gift, and a cute little potted geranium. My moms will get their gifts when we visit in June.

Still waiting to hear back from the house on Ridge Flower, hopefully that’s not a bad sign. Honestly, with Short Sale it normally isn’t, but you never know. We’ll probably go to look at some more this coming weekend.

I’m going to share Rae’s most recent in-studio photo soon, just have to get the chance to scan it in. She actually just had photos taken again at Target… I was NOT pleased with the results. Including the attempt to count my arm as another person in the sitting because she “OH, that’s cute, hold her hand,” so I have photos of my daughter with my massive arm in them. Okay, not massive, but how obnoxious. Stupid Target. Luckily, I had a coupon and it was FREE for the sitting fees. HA, foiled your plan! The photo we got is very cute, just not as cute as I wanted, LOL.

Today hasn’t been very profitable to the whole of the home as far as housework goes, but I must say – this office is SPARKLING. I’m proud. Tomorrow I’ll perhaps tackle some of the “organizational” and “spring cleaning” type jobs that need to be done around here.

I’ll need something to do Fridays nights after the kids go to bed anyway since *sniff sniff* Dollhouse is over. *sniff sniff* My Friday night TV session with Hubbs will no longer be full of Topher’s [played by Fran Kranz] quips. He’s one of my favorites on the cast. Mellie/November/Madeline [played by Miracle Laurie] was first, and of course Echo/Caroline [played by Eliza Dushku]  3rd (after Topher) – simply because she’s a TOUGH chick. One that wimpy wussy girls who can barely handle carrying their 3 year old little boys anymore idolize. (Seriously, even Rae in the carseat kills my arms. Apparently I’ve lost the cheerleader strength I used to have, HA, Mom.)

Enjoy your Monday afternoon.

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