Mini, child-directed photo shoot.

Mini, child-directed photo shoot.

My children are under the impression that the cell phone, only one constructed with a tiny camera inside, is one of the most powerful, awesome, FUN possessions one could EVER own.

Am I alone in finding this extremely obnoxious [at times]?

My phone will ring. My mind wanders immediately to, “uhm… where did I have that last?” and instantly I’m hearing screams of joy, “YES! I WANT TO TAKE PICTURES! MOMMMMMMM PLEEEEAASE!” You’d think Ed McMahon was calling to tell me I’d won the big one and that my apparent psychic daughter just KNOWS she’ll get to finally be a REAL princess.

They’re also much better at mysteriously knowing where my phone is. So they inevitably beat me to it, holding it from me, “Please? Please? Please? PLEEEEEASE!” Eventually I manage to trick them in one way or another, snatching it from whichever culprit happens to be holding my chirping device hostage at the time, all in time for the missed call display to appear on my front screen.

Those are the obnoxious times, lol.

But there are cuter ones. Such as this little stream of photos. πŸ™‚

0514091641taken by Liv 05.14.09

0514091640“SMILE MOM!!” (Yeah yeah, I gathered that part, Liv.)

taken by Liv 05.14.09

0514091641aGotta love the massive-appearing foot thanks to the vertically challenged 3-year-old taking the photo.

taken by Dunc 05.14.09

0514091643taken by Mel 05.14.09

0514091643aLucky shot. πŸ˜‰

taken by Mel 05.14.09

0514091645“K, now ALL of us, Mom!”

0514091645aRae’s blowing bubbles and D’s apparently itching his eye, lol.

0514091647Ahh, such cute little nerdlings. πŸ™‚

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