Little bit o’ promo for your morning.

Little bit o’ promo for your morning.

Hey fellow mamas! Here’s a promotion going on by a site I subscribed to, forever ago it seems, can’t remember why… but it’s fun. πŸ™‚ And a deal is included! Enjoy!

Ebeanstalk is dedicated to a baby’s development. And we select the best baby toys matched to a baby’s development. To see great information on how a baby grows up, check out the info on our baby toys page.

Picking toys for a baby is not as simple as it sounds. Here are some quick baby facts:

  • Toys for a newborn baby: A newborn baby is briefly looking at objects and attempting to imitate facial expressions. They can follow objects with their eyes and usually quiet down, when they are picked up.
  • Toys for a three month old: They will enjoy β€˜frolic play’, reaching for objects and will repeat enjoyable activities. Believe it or not, they will respond to β€˜no’ (about half the time) and will start babbling.
  • Toys for a six month old: They’ll search for hidden objects (object permanence). They’ll reach for themselves in the mirror, play peekaboo, crumple paper, roll from their stomach to their back and even respond to their name.
  • Toys for a nine month old: They are pushing toy cars, playing pat-a-cake and looking for hidden sounds. The baby toys they are playing with are also getting more fun.
*** In addition, “For all your readers, here is a 15% discount on any first purchase at ebeanstalk β€” TGS345 β€” just enter the code at the shopping cart.”
You go mamas, take advantage of that! πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

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