Updates and slack.

Updates and slack.

Slack? Cut me some. I know I’m late, again.

Updates are some that I’ve been making to several pages, including password changes which I haven’t done in ages. In addition though, one big one is my LibraryThing. My reading has sort of… not slowed down but something has changed. Probably the fact that I have another child is the changing factor. I do get a forced downtime for breastfeeding and a lot of the time I’ll take the opportunity to read then but as Rachael is getting older she’s definitely demanding more awake time and more attention when she’s doing her normal day to day things. Don’t even get me started on nighttime – we’re back at square one with that.

I’ve been discovering some new authors, I’m just now finished with book 2 in a series by Christine Feehan (Ghostwalkers series) which for me is an odd combination. It combines some Outlander style romance with science fiction. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying myself, although I must say, in the scheme of fictional romance… Feehan is a little more vivid than Gabaldon, granted, the frequency of (so far) Miller [Hunk of Shadow Game (Book 1)] and Trevane [Hunk of Mind Game (Book 2)] with such activities, is less than of the strapping Scotsman. 😉

We’re also waiting to hear on a house. We “should” hear today, pending on whether or not this other Realtor is for real or not. He claimed last Friday, when he spoke to Bruce our Realtor, that we would hear from him in a week with a yes or no as to a complete acceptance of our offer – as in from the bank! And this is a short sale! So who knows, this guy may have ties to the bank or his foot in the door… no idea. Regardless, it would be SO nice to have a yes or a no tonight. We’ll see how it goes and keep you informed. To see the house I’m referring to, here’s a link.

Our trip to Oregon is getting closer and closer and I’m getting excited. 🙂 I miss the green LIFE in Oregon, the trees, the grass. I miss my family and my friends. It gets lonely out here with the kiddos all day long and my crazy neighbors screaming at each other, their children up all hours of the night shrieking and playing outside. So it’s a trip we’re all definitely looking forward to.  How nice would it be to go to Oregon, come home and sign papers, and MOVE IN to a NEW house! Ahh… dreams.

I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

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