We did end up getting lucky and having no holes knocked in our walls when the power to the living room and garage disappeared the day before yesterday. I went to vacuum the living room, as I do 14,000 times a day, and had my iPod plugged into the living room stereo. Flipping the switch of the vacuum with my toe, I wasn’t paying full attention and was getting off the phone with Cam, I slipped and only half hit it. The vacuum turned on for a second but didn’t get hit hard enough to really stay on. Immediately I hit it again and suddenly the vacuum was off. I noticed my stereo was off. I tried turning the vacuum on again, no go.

I called Cam to inform him I had managed to trip one of the breakers and then discovered with him on the phone – none of the breakers in the panel had tripped… I ran back downstairs and checked everything in the living room – no lamp, no stereo, no cable box, no TV, no plug for the vacuum – it HAD to be tripped.

Back upstairs Cam told me to go through the breakers (we’re in an apartment, when are they EVER labeled correctly?) and then to go check the vacuum again. Still no good.

I ended up having to call maintenance and we managed to stump them as well. And that’s when we saw the freezer OFF. The garage had no power either! We couldn’t figure it out. Of course, we were only further stumped when one of the maintenance guys brought out his meter and told us we WERE getting current through the socket!

They left us with apologies and an old beat up extension cord to assist our freezer over night. Cam brought in another so we could watch a movie after the kids went to bed.

That afternoon our maintenance personnel and an electrician came back to the apartment. Long story short, I managed to some how blow the “neutral” wire in the 3 way light switch over by our stairs. About 10 feet away from the outlet I was using. And, the light wasn’t on at the time… how it all connects I have no idea. I’m just happy that it’s FIXED, lol.

Cam says the next time we have to do an apartment mandatory-mass-cleanup for when the owners of the complex come through, we should call and ask them, “Are you SURE you want us to vacuum?”

PS: No word on the house yet. Keep your fingers crossed!

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