Summer vacation?

Summer vacation?

Cam’s first project of the summer turned out beautifully in my opinion and SO much better than store bought!

As you’ve probably noticed, Cam doesn’t like sitting still. For him Summer vacation is dreadful – sure there’s no school and homework but I can only entertain him for so long before he’s bored out of his mind. So, he went looking for project ideas and decided to make the kids a picnic table. We went to Home Depot, let them choose paint from the “oops” pile for $5 and went to work. He had already picked up the 2x4s and screws, himself.

This was the end result. 🙂


Cameron customized the plans he had found to increase the number of 2x4s across the tabletop, which thank GOODNESS he did. Most tables like this for kids are ridiculously narrow and you can’t sit four kids and four plates at it to save your life, and definitely not the floor underneath.

He says it still needs a second coat but we were so happy with it how it is, the kids hopped on for some photos. 🙂


The Batman in his sheep pajamas. 🙂


Walking around discussing how we should carry our picnic table to the park to have a picnic.

Yeah, not so plausible.


The Batman and Princess Olivia in their one-leg-on-the-new-bench stance. 🙂

More later! 🙂

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