For Mom & Todd

For Mom & Todd

While in Oregon, first on our agenda was my Mom’s wedding. She and Todd were  getting married the day after we arrived in Portland after our 12-1/2 hour drive. As tired as we were, it was so worth it. Congratulations Mom & Todd.

So, I acted as a side photographer as they didn’t have one. My Uncle Dave did video and his wife took some photos with their camera. So it was a joint effort in getting them some photos.

After going through all the photos I took of the wedding as a whole, I put together a video for Mom & Todd as a preview to all the photographs I took.

So, ladies and gentlemen, find your Kleenexes and save all applause for the end. 😉

victor.stahlnecker wedding from Melissa Wagner on Vimeo.

What do you think?

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