Our discussion about Flash in the street.

Our discussion about Flash in the street.


Duncan has been very into the Justice League lately. He’s always loved Superman, is in LOVE with Batman, and now seeing them all together with others like Green Lantern and Flash – he’s head over heels.

Today, we walked over to get the mail and Duncan kept running ahead of me, telling me I was going too slow for Flash and that it was okay because he would just beat me.

Me: Dunc, you need to slow down.

Dunc: No I not, I okay.

Me: Bud, there are cars in the road, you have to be careful.

Dunc: Moooommmm, I Flash! I just jump out of the way.

Me: Dunc…

Dunc: Okay, mom. I walk with you, so you be safe.

Few seconds later, almost to the box:

Dunc: Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Dunc: Why we need to walk on the fidesock?

Me: The WHAT?


(Like that’s going to help me understand. Slowing down a word that doesn’t exist – creative.)

Me: I don’t know what that means, Dunc.

Dunc: This! (He kicks the SIDEWALK with his flipflopped toe.)


Dunc: Yeah, the fidesock.

The fun of speech with a 3 year old boy. Now, I off to watch Piderman on the fidesock outside (in my trongman shirt) before it gets dark and pooky.

K, yeah, bye.


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