Finished yet another book.

Finished yet another book.

I have to say, I was sorely disappointed with the end of Stargazer, the book by Claudia Gray that follows Evernight. It’s another Romeo-and-Juliet-esque vampire based novel, but with different vampiric characteristics. Most people were sickened by the “teeny bopper” loveydoveyness of Edward and Bella but honestly it didn’t bother me very much. I enjoyed the way Stephenie Meyer wrote all four of her books and it all went well together in my mind. Claudia Gray is a good read, I couldn’t put the book down, very well written. But, the main character, Bianca, just didn’t mesh well with my mind’s view of Lucas. Balthazar would have been a better fit – perhaps it was written that way to make you want it more than Lucas – regardless, all would have been forgiven except for the ENDING! UGH! The agony! I truly liked both books but I just don’t understand the ending! For fear of ruining the book for those who haven’t read it, I won’t come out entirely with my annoyance – to put it short and sweet, she decides to choose a path that is completely AGAINST EVERYTHING that she has ever known.

Of course, now that I type it I can see how typical that really is, lol. But it just did NOT work for me at all. Now if there was, or soon to be appearing, a new book to “complete” the series, I’d definitely read it and the ending of the second wouldn’t really count for much, a sort of catalyst to the argument inside yourself after finishing one with a controversial ending. But as far as I’ve heard, there isn’t.

Anyway… enough book fueled anger. 😛

I gutted our bedroom yesterday, cleaned off the “hotspots”, i.e. dresser, nightstand, trunk, etc. I’m still feeling the urge today. I wish I knew if we were moving or not and I’d start to pack up the useless things as I went. Today I’ll do some more, the biggest thing I’ve done so far, thanks to Rachael’s lovely mood today, is get the dipes into the wash. So accomplished. The kids are upstairs “cleaning” their room, Rae’s in her chair gnawing on a rice cracker, and I’m attempting to take a breather. That of course is being accompanied by someone else’s child whining and crying outside my family room window.

I baked some bread last night using a Kitchen Aid recipe my Gma Victor has been raving about. The loaves turned out beautiful and taste wonderful. I just really need one of those cutting guides for loaves of bread. My slices are never all that even. I like them very thick when it comes to eating a slice with butter, but for sandwiches – my cutting job doesn’t exactly help my perfectionism…

Well, I’m not exactly extravagantly interesting today and Rachael is growing tired of her cracker. More later, perhaps.

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