Goodbye, sweet dairy.

Goodbye, sweet dairy.

Yup. It’s back.

Before I had Rae I suddenly began to get sick from dairy and wheat. It was awful, and very intense. Often times keeping me up at night, or waking me up at night when I could finally get  some sleep, to send me back to the bathroom.

When I got pregnant, I was nauseous for a little while, mildly, but the dairy issue was almost completely gone. I finished off my lovely vanilla soy milk and rejoiced in being able to be normal again.

Lo and behold. It’s officially back.

Really, it’s not the end of the world. The wheat allergy seems to have subsided along with the temporary submission of dairy back when I got pregnant, and it, at least, has not resurfaced. While I had to make due with poppy-seed tuna crescents (rather good really, but I did miss the chicken crescents Cam and the kids were having) and garlic salted and peppered plain pasta with green beans (verses the yummy Alfredo I made tonight) it’s been pretty good. And, we have a Sam’s Club membership, so I can get my vanilla soy milk for WAY cheaper than Walmart, Macey’s, or anywhere else around. Not to mention, the crazy shelf life on those things! They last for quite a while!

So, while it’s a bit inconvenient… the world has not ended. And whoever didn’t benefit from skipping meals with cream of chicken, butter, and milk in the ingredients? Let’s hope my behind does.

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