Nesting. Not Pregnant.

Nesting. Not Pregnant.

Whew, right? But wow, whew! is what I feel like after all this nesting! Maybe it’s summer cleaning, rather than spring? Either that or one of the pregnant mamas around me is NOT nesting, and I’m picking up the slack! While I have no clue where it’s coming from, I’m liking the groove it’s got me in. 🙂

Yesterday was when it first fully smacked me in the face, to the point where I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I immediately ran for the tape measure and began measuring the crap out of EVERYTHING. I fully moved every piece (minus the TV stand) and vacuumed, dusted, went nuts. I ended up leaving the couch, or rather putting it back – haha, where it was, moving the red chair and bookshelf and deciding to bring the desk down to the family room.

After some more brainstorming it came to the point where Cam finally just said – it’s NOT going to fit. It’s just too big. So we’re going to a consignment shop (YAY!) downtown SLC to pick out an older, antique-style desk. Hopefully they still have the $45 one that was black. I don’t want to match our wood color in this room (they’re all pieces of one collection) and the black will look really nice with the rest of our black contrast in the room. Here are some photos of it all… so far…


The new arrangement for over the couch.


Excuse the “Y” pillow. 🙂 This was basically untouched, Liv has got her CTR plaque up there and I apparently forgot to tuck Cam’s cords before I took this photo… oops! But this is the same, we did this quite a while back. The post is here.


My boy who finally passed out. 🙂 Poor kid is so tired. He needs to get back to his naps, but with on-the-go Livy who never gets tired (according to HER, lol) he just never lets himself down enough to fall asleep. Today we were lucky. 🙂


The bookshelf’s new home. (The wedding and childhood photos of me and Cam were here before, they now are included in the arrangement of photos above the couch. When we get into a house, in a few years from now, we may separate them and I’ll do more single pictures up in the arrangement. For now, this is how we like it – simple and inexpensive for the time being, LOL.)

More later. 😉

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