Smartypants heads to school…

Smartypants heads to school…

The countdown is officially ending, we are in our last week of summer before she walks through the doors of her elementary school. Olivia reads and writes, the first at a 3rd grade level now. It amazes me how much she reads and the different things she reads. She loves to read board books to Rachael, Ninja Turtle and Superhero books to Duncan – if he’ll let her – and chapter books on her own time. She also enjoys sitting next to mommy and reading her instant message responses aloud. LOVELY habit.

We’ve got a few supplies, new shoes (pink – of course), new  school shirts, and a new schedule in process for bedtime, bathtime and… HOMEWORK. Blows the mind, it’s really here. She’s also requested that we start reading before bed again.

Here’s the big girl with her drawing board:


Says “Was Zim and Gr (Gir)”, from the carton Invader Zim.

Liv’s orientation with her teacher is this Thursday and she’ll be testing that day as well to see where she’s starting from. Honestly, I’m curious as to what their plan will be as far as her reading, I want her to stay challenged and on her toes. After that meeting we’ll start school officially on Monday. Wow.

More photos, of our first day too – of course – to come. 🙂

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