Last day of freedom from the wagon.

Last day of freedom from the wagon.

Today is Friday, the last Friday I have where I will not be tugging a wagon back and forth on the way to and from school to pick up and drop off Olivia. Granted, this isn’t a bad thing. Her being at school equals more free time for me. Duncan’s fairly easy on his own, not to mention without the constant buggings of Olivia, he’ll probably pass out and nap within the first 2 seconds of being home. Rae naps around the same time that Liv will be in school.

Today I have some things to follow up on, some orders to work on, and as always, LAUNDRY to do, lol. Not to mention I’m going to be working on my HyenaCart today as well. Freebies, you ask? More on that later. 🙂

  • help the kids decide on their Halloween costumes so I can get started (2 months and counting…) Liv’s undecided. Rae’s a bumblebee, Dunc’s Flash. (Time to get sewing, bleh.)
  • sweep and vacuum downstairs
  • dishes in the sink
  • attempt to air out the house so that Lake smell won’t stay seeped inside, BARF
  • wind ribbons for new orders
  • make 10 Speckle bows (I hope)
  • attempt to fold or sort some laundry
  • make next week’s menu and grocery list
  • pull meat out for BBQ tonight
  • change kids’ linens & put them back on their beds
  • HC: take some new stock photos
  • HC: fix listings
  • HC: work on galleries, etc.
  • HC: take photos of Cam’s pens and find a spot for them

More later, perhaps. I’ll be checking these off as I go. (If I go, LOL, hopefully.)

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