Well… surprise!

Well… surprise!

Back in May we started looking at houses with our new Realtor, Bruce. I posted about that here, and here. Little bit here. More here. And of course, all over Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.

Fast forward two months or so, our not so happy change occured. Cameron had to participate in a company wide paycut. Everyone lost a day from their schedule – cutting our income by 20%. We talked about it all in depth, called Bruce and canceled our offers on the houses (we had four in place), and thanked our lucky stars that we are good and stay away from debt! If we would have had a car payment or payments on our TV or furniture, I don’t what we would have done. Just goes to show… pay your tithing, don’t get in debt (the house, school, and car debts are exceptions, but I strongly recommend doing your best to pay them off early!), and SAVE up for the things you want! We pay cash for just about everything, take advantage of “buy it now, no interest, no payments for x amount of time!” deals, but then PAY THEM OFF before they run out! No point to it if you end up paying the interest anyway!

K, off my soapbox. 🙂

Anyway, all of this happened and I wasn’t exactly eager to post about it. I knew Cam felt terrible, even though the time cuts at work had nothing to do with his personal performance at work – he still felt terrible. I wasn’t eager to post about our heartbreak. Family and friends knew, but I just never posted about it.

So, fast forward a little later… we were trying to just adjust to the fact that we were still only 23 and 24 – not being in a house right this minute was perfectly normal. When the time was right, it would show itself, right?

Apparently, the time was sooner rather than later…

Cameron got an email, out of the blue, from our realtor saying he had heard from the realtor from this property that we had placed on offer on back in May. My skipped a beat as I read this all, Cam typing to me through MSN – he was at work, and I knew this was our chance. Our time was right, and here it was right in front of us. The offer cancellation was not recieved! The bank had APPROVED our offer on the house and was contacting us to take the next step. We quickly reevaluated finances, spoke to our realtor, got high-ended estimates on taxes, insurances, utilities and found that we COULD in fact make it happen! It’s been a bit of a surreal ride ever since. 🙂

Last Thursday Cameron and Bruce (his Dad) went through the entire place, outside around it, on the roof – did a full inspection on the house. Everything looks fine – yard needs work (welcome to short sales, LOL), few sprinkler heads need replacing, etc. Your basic things that need fixing and for a short sale that’s NOTHING!

Cam took photos during the inspection in case things were to happen to the house between last Thursday and our arrival in the new place. Here is an attempted tour through the house. OUR new house. 🙂 Okay, not set in stone I suppose – our “almost-ours” new house. 🙂

Here’s the front of the house. 🙂 On the agenda: Repaint the front door (brown) and paint the shutters the same color. Add a little color to the place. The yard is much worse now, we’ll seed it, not that big of a deal according to Hubbs. (Plus, a big fat brown star above the garage. 😉 Like so.)


Once inside, coat closet, lol.


I love how my husband remembers things – the two times we saw this house both times I didn’t look in this closet and I had commented that I was ticked cause I was curious to know how big  it was, did it have a rod, etc. So when he and Dad went over for the inspection he took a photo of the closet, lol. 🙂


Front door, (coat closet opposite the front door) this takes us into the Music Room.


Bay window, yay! This room will be painted a hunter green but not super dark – muted, I guess, would be the term. It’s called Sweet Annie.

Rest of the Music Room:



This, then, takes us into the Kitchen and Dining Room.



The Kitchen! Need to replace the faucet (for looks, works fine), and replace the dishwasher (broken), this area is fine. The whole house unfortunately has brass knobs and hinges, but we’ll be gradually replacing those as well as adding knobs to all the cabinets.


The Dining Room with a little view of the ceiling (this whole floor is vaulted) and another set of bay windows back here as well. 🙂 Kitchen to the right and Family Room to the left.


Lots of canned lighting too.



First room on the left is the girls’ room.




The girls’ room will be painted in In The Pink on the bottom half of the room, chair rail painted white with the rest of the trim, and then a light light in-the-pink-mixed-with-white color. 🙂

Next is Dunc’s room.


(Minus the Tinkerbell bed…)



Some hot closet doors, huh? LOL, those will be painted WHITE. 🙂 The rest of the room will be painted Salem Blue, though I’m not entirely sure how we’re planning on doing it. I worry that if we only paint under the chair rail then the color will be lost behind his bed and other furniture. Granted, he doesn’t HAVE much furniture… lol. We’ll have to decide as we go I guess.


The kids’ Bathroom:


Towel rack is missing but that’s an easy replacement. The walls in here will be Fond Farewell, a light light blue and the kids bathroom set will go in here. I’m so excited to be able to use it again! A few of my sisters-in-law pitched in and got us the shower curtain and froggy soap dispenser in this line. So cute!


Then,  onto the master bedroom (practically TWICE the size of our current master):



The master will be in Hot Chocolate. We like brown, lol. 🙂




The, very large, walk-in closet.


A master bath! *FAINT*

Other than a linen closet, that’s the upstairs. Back down the stairs and over into the Dining Room leads us into the Family Room. The hallways are all going to be in Vanilla Brandy, forgot to mention that. The downstairs is Caramelized Onion, another brown. 🙂






The door to the left leads to the laundry room and then the garage. Through there, is the bathroom with a stand up shower.


Little messy at the moment, when we first saw the house it was a lot cleaner but I don’t have the shot of the vanity and mirror on my laptop, can’t post it, darn it. Very cool mirror and vanity. 🙂 All in all, I’m ecstatic that the shower has brushed nickel, NOT brass. Phew!

Through the bathroom is the door to the playroom. (There’s also a door from the family room leading into the playroom.)


The Playroom will be painted in Fond Farewell as well as a block pattern on the two walls not visible from the family room.


Through that closed door is the downstairs office. 🙂 The “extra” basement, love it!




The right side of the office, show above will be Cameron’s area. There’s also a huge storage closet on this side, shown below.


Here’s my side of the office. Including the shelving… ahhh, organized papers and fabrics, here I come!



Well, there you have it folks… I’m going to be opening a new spot up top on the blog’s main page, right after scrapbooking. First it will be a spot for things we’re doing to the house. After most of that is done, and time willing, I’m going to open another for sewing. Off to fetch the baby and begin the long task of packing. 🙂 Come visit us! 😀

4 thoughts on “Well… surprise!

  1. I am so excited for you guys!!! But I am also excited for Curtis and I. We finally got a house yesterday……well, our offer was accepted yesterday. We got it for exactly what we wanted which was $140,000 and we are so happy!! It is quite as big as yours, but I fell in love with it when we walked in.
    Where is your house by the way?

  2. Ohh Ang! I’m so excited for you! What perfect timing, we’ll both be in new places before long! Woohoo! 🙂 I’ll facebook you the location. 🙂

  3. I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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