People watching.

People watching.

I’ve always been a people watcher. I don’t eavesdrop, I don’t even stop to watch. But for some reason watching people has always been something I’ve done.

As we walk to school it’s amazing the different kinds of people you see. You have the people who are completely oblivious. I’m a shorter woman, as women go, and I don’t ever wear outlandish clothes or anything very bright – especially not to school at 8:40 in the morning. A tee and a pair of jeans are about as far as I go – but I tow a BRIGHT RED WAGON. With two little children in it, most of the time, one of them is wearing a bow about as big as her head and now (Thanks Bonnie!) a BRIGHT PINK and black Hannah Montana backpack. These are the people that try and drive into me as I’m crossing the street in front of the Ream’s entrance (YES, I was there first, lol.) They’re also the people that don’t seem to care that their 12 passenger van is centered exactly over the sidewalk in front of the 7-Eleven we pass. It’s 8:40 am people, on a TUESDAY. Try watching for an opening from a little further back so you’re not pressing tired tread into 3rd graders, could ya?

Then we have the “punks”. In Utah the elementary schools are Kindergarten through 6th grade. When I was in elementary school Oregon was already moved onto K-5… apparently Utah didn’t get the memo or it just likes scaring the crap out of the Kindergartners, or at least the Kindergartners’ mothers… some of these kids are almost as tall as I am! They’re punks because they LOVE coming down the sky bridge screaming profanities at one another while I try to simultaneously cover all my children’s ears and distract them by alerting them, “oh look, kids! Pigeon poop! Everyone shoo the pigeons!” Why it’s necessary to greet your friends with such words (and so many) that people wouldn’t be able to understand you through the blanks required on public television, I’ll never know.

And we have the moms like me who trek all their children the half mile to school – strapped to backs, in strollers, wagons, walking, running, jogger strollers (I want one!), etc. I personally have numerous “outfits” for school. SleepyWrap, Baby Bjorn, Snugli (backpack style), Graco Travel System, umbrella stroller, red wagon, and my favorite – EVERYONE WALKS. That happens never.

And don’t forget – the super dads. It never ceases to amaze me that there are Dads out there (mine and my husband included) that would sling a child’s backpack over their shoulder and walk with their little one to school – EVEN, if said backpack was pink! (Well, okay, I don’t know if Cam would go for a Hannah Montana backpack over the shoulder…) Reminds me of walking with my dad when I see these little girls walking double time, while their dads take one stride to their four, taking care to continue walking slow! (Dad used to do this thing with his pinky, he’d hook it on my wrist and it just drove me NUTS. I remember during a field trip I’d shake it off, he’d slip it back over, I’d shake it off, he’d slip it back over. Must have been one of those involuntary things, I don’t know if I ever officially complained… who am I kidding, I was a whiner, I must have!)

But my favorite people to watch are these ones… 🙂







Apparently she was done being watched. 🙂

(And no, that lovely soft pink skirt and BRIGHT pink shirt was not paired together by moi. That would be another can’t-miss-that-tourist outfit coordinated by Miss Big Sister herself.)

One thought on “People watching.

  1. Melissa, great pictures! How are the house plans coming along? Allison & Matt’s move-in date is October 27th – so excited! Love, Gma

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