Sneak Peek: Halloween

Sneak Peek: Halloween

ETA: Thank you for everyone’s well wishes and nice thoughts regarding the house. We’re slowly unpacking and moving forward. The time just wasn’t right for us, we’ll get our house someday and then, the time will be right. 🙂 The blog has also been a bit biased as of late, which isn’t entirely my fault *cough completely uncooperative children cough cough* but have no fear – the bigger two of my littles will soon be back. 🙂


Uhm yeah, so I’m not sure why I look like I’ve gained 73 pounds in this photo… regardless, that is ONE CUTE PUMPKIN. Got a killer deal on it too. 🙂

And of course, deal of the day – Dollar Tree:


Love these skeletons! They’re so cute! 🙂 I also got one for the living room coffee table, so fun! It’s a close up too so you can see the girl skeleton a little better.


These shots are no where near good, LOL, I was shooting rapidly while wrangling Rae in the other arm. I love these skeletons though, they crack me up. When I put her down, she immediately headed for the library books.



They say eating books and pages is a form of literacy… I guess we’ll find out!

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