Sweet kids. :)

Sweet kids. :)

Here they are, in all their cranky/happy/crazy-ness.


Olivia has fallen in love with a new set of games we found online. They’re very artsy and most are European enough that the voices will speak ONLY in French. I didn’t know this until she was playing one afternoon and announced, “Mom, I don’t understand this. I think they just speaking in FRENCH or something!” FRENCH, like it’s a crime! O lala!

Regardless, she loves the games. Almost as much as her coveted Hannah Montana bow, LOL. (No idea what was with her pony today, she played hard [and had a hard day] during recess so her elastic is slipping out.)


(Psst… can you tell she’s posing? She TOTALLY is, haha. I told her, “Liv, now play your game.” And she got this soft little look on her face and pretended to click on the computer. DORK!)


Rae squawked. I turned around, aww. 🙂


Duncan and Olivia wore their sweatshirts from Grandma Bonnie today – Duncan as usual put on his hat once we got home. He’s pictured here holding the “safety” goggles from his tool bench he got for his birthday this year. Obviously, they were cheap, as the lenses are falling out here, LOL. But  – he still loves the dumb things. 🙂

I told him to smile for me and he complained, but sort of smiled while complaining. Win win situation.


Then squawky got my attention again…

DSC_0231I took a photo but apparently…


That wasn’t what she wanted, lol. (She wanted naptime!) Dunc of course decided to give her 17,665 different options as to things she could want. Including high pitched singing, twirling her around in her exersaucer, and trying to give her some Cheese Nips. She wanted none of these things, because they only included brother, not mama and bedtime. Poor girl.

That was just a little peek into our day after school today. Still unpacking. Trying to find places for everything again as nothing fits exactly where it did before, why should it! I’m probably going to pick up a couple of “gooey” buckets from Walmart for Duncan this weekend for Cars and guys in his room. The girls want the Dora kitchen in their room and I just might be able to make it work, I hope!

More photos tomorrow, a grandparent’s dream, right? 🙂

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