The kids’ rooms are done!

The kids’ rooms are done!

OHHHH man. What a weekend. Talk about CRAZY. I’ve got a few things to do today.

  1. Excuse Olivia at school, UGH, reason below…
  2. Take Olivia back into the doctor for a UTI that I’m not convinced ever left in the first place. Any W. Jordan, UT mamas love their doctor? I’m thinking I’m ready for a new one… ETA: They claim she doesn’t have one. I’ll show them CLEAN, ugh.
  3. Clear off the girls’ changing table.
  4. Let Olivia and and Duncan gather all the Dora Kitchen toys to put in the kitchen.
  5. Wash Duncan’s linens.
  6. Hopefully get one more load after that, finished.
  7. Make our bed, clean off dresser.
  8. Finish cleaning out closet
  9. Tonight after dinner: mop kitchen, dining room and hallway.
  10. Figure out Christmas gifts for our parents.
  11. Register at SLCC.
  12. Change FAFSA to full time. Waiting on PIN confirmation.
  13. Post on the blog.
  14. Print invoice, package customer’s order, and ship. Oops, Columbus Day, lol.
  15. Order more alligator clips. Waiting on response to email, did order french clips though.
  16. Order more ribbon.
  17. Order more business cards.
  18. Make Olivia calling cards.
  19. Wait, annoyed, for PayPal debit to arrive.

One of the things I did already do (last night) was update the kids’ section, more to come on there. But for now, it is pretty cute. 🙂 Just click “The Littles” in the upper right hand corner next to “Scrapbooking” to see. I had the kids answer the questions themselves (except for Rae). It was an idea I came upon after seeing Leah Killian’s ( CUTE idea for a scrapbook page that her son filled out himself. 🙂 Enjoy!

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