It has been incredibly too long since my last update. I guess that’s either laziness or empty wishful thinking that I would not be sick anymore and that we’d be able to go back to a normal, less hectic life, with more time to blog.

Yeah. Right.

So here I am, still sick, but posting anyway! Rae’s down for a nap, Dunc’s playing Poisson Rouge on my laptop, Liv’s at school – so why not? Good time!

Not much has been going on here. After I finished gutting the kids rooms, well not their closets yet sadly, I moved on to the linen closet… also known as the resting place for my serger and sewing machine, the humidifier when not in use, half of our normal amount of linens, half of our dishtowels and cloth nakpins, the blue placemats, and games. It’s amazing how things just get a little crazy when you’re packing and expecting to move… I pulled out all the baby clothes that were still fairly sorted, was almost killed by 17,245 packages of light bulbs and tenderly moved my ladies (Bernina and Miss Brother) next to the bookshelf. I ultimately would like to find some type of spot for them that involves them not being shut in closet. Or, if not, at least let them have their own shelf…

This wonderful project included doing something I HATE. MESSING UP MY FAMILY ROOM. Oh sweet anal retentive mother of all beings, I HATE this room being a mess. Or cluttered. Or not vacuumed. Or littered with toys. It drives me up a wall. Regardless, there was NO WAY I could fit all the baby clothes, the totes, the boxes, etc. in that upstairs hallway. And no way was I messing up the bedrooms I just finished. So, downstairs it all came.

I’ve now finished a good amount on the closet. My 4 available totes have been sorted, refolded, combined, condensed and labeled with my new P-Touch (Thanks Hubbs!). You should see how label happy the kids rooms are! Thank heavens! πŸ™‚ I still need to unpack the rest of the linens, strategically hide receiving blankets that are *sniff sniff* too SMALL (for my baby!), and somehow fit our ever growing population of kid clothes into open spots without over crowding. I want to be happy to open that linen closet, darn it. I used to be, then life happened (2 years of it) and after not caring because of the move – it got a little crazy.

Next on the agenda is writing down the Christmas gifts and what order to work on them, working on something for Duncan’s room, organizing MY closet, then back to the kids’ closets, carpet cleaning the upstairs hallway and second half of the stairs, you know… just the usual…

In other news, I got my pin confirmation, fixed my FAFSA, and today is day seven of waiting for my paperwork from SLCC in the mail… business days, too. Hopefully it will come today, if not I’ll give them a call tomorrow. I’m eager to get back to school, though I have my work cut out for me as far as fixing up the house before that happens.

After stopping off at Ream’s after school today, I’m planning on taking some photos of the kids. I’ll double post today and get them up for you… I know I’ve been slacking. πŸ™‚

Off to do more dishes, sweep the kitchen and dining room possibly tackle more of these boxes… waaah.

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