Mini Post: FAME!

Mini Post: FAME!

I belong to an online book club run by a lady named Suzanne Beecher, here’s a link to her columns that come to my mailbox every weekday along with an excerpt of that week’s book. It has been so much fun reading with Suzanne and entering the fun contests she does from time to time. One of the recent contests that she does on a normal basis are the Chocolate Chip Cookies giveaway – and we WON! The children were delighted. And I have to say… from a standpoint of not liking Chocolate Chip Cookies, they were pretty stinking good! Cam, of course, wouldn’t allow me to take a photo of him with his share, but I did get some cute ones of the rest of us. Check us out! (Remember, you knew us before our fame struck, lol.)


One thought on “Mini Post: FAME!

  1. Dear Jessica and Andrew, I don’t know how to see you except when I’m looking at Melissa’s and click on yours. Your trip to San Antonio sounds great and the pictures were too. Love, Gma

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