Stickyman Habitat

Stickyman Habitat

Duncan recently discovered one of those novelty toys Cam had lying around – a sticky lizard guy that well… is sticky. He had fun throwing him against the wall, the door, the floor, the table, his sisters – ahem. Then a few days ago “Stickyman” as Dunc had deemed him, got REALLY dirty. After that mom wasn’t so into Dunc throwing “stickyman” all over every surface of the house and his sisters. Duncan decided to wash him, it worked fairly well, and he continued to play with him.

That’s when Stickyman began to lose limbs.

First, claiming Duncan told her she could, Liv tore the loop off the end of Stickyman’s rope. I tied a new one for him on the end, it seemed to semi-remedy the problem. Then he lost another limb…

Duncan kept throwing him out in the backyard saying “Mom, I threw him a… a… away.” Then the lip quiver, then cue the bawling. We’d go out together and find him in the grass and bring him back in. Finally, we decided it would be best for Stickyman to have his own little area where he could sit, just him and his three legs.


He’s the best treated Stickyman I’ve ever met. 🙂

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