So I missed…

So I missed…

… yesterday. I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of uhm, well, LIFE going on over here. When that happens, the blog tends to hit the back burner. Beyond numerous every-day-normalcy type junk, Rae’s still got the sniffles, is cutting over 4 teeth currently, and Liv is Star Of The Week this coming Monday. Great news for Liv, just not so great news for mama who has to put together a poster! I’m posting the last of the Halloween photos today, which is Olivia’s Costume Parade. 🙂 Enjoy. (Please excuse the lighting, we were in the cafeteria with LOVELY lights, lol.)


Duncan hiding from me. 🙂


You should have seen Liv’s face when she realized who her teacher was for Halloween this year, lol.


Part of Liv’s class.


Believe it or not, Liv is actually IN this picture, lol. She’s just too short! She’s behind Mummy-boy, you can see the hem of her dress to the left of him if you look closely. Parade photos are never that great, especially with Kindergartners… they just keep walking along! 🙂

Finally, once she got closer, I had my camera up and I called, “OLIVIA!” she looked at me like I was a nut case, WHO IS THIS LADY?


Then she saw me, “OH, hi Mom!” and kept walking. Thanks for the photo op, kid. She’s holding her costume up because, of course, it was WAY too long for her but she refused any type of “fixing” that could be done, she wanted the ragged look at the bottom and refused to hear any other solutions for the dress. Probably because if it was left long, she could: “Mom, this is how Cinderella’s stepsisters do it. I’m going to do this so I can’t trip. I WANT it long, MOM.” Le sigh.


And of course, for Duncan… I have no idea who this kid is, or what class he’s in but Duncan saw him and about died. Homemade Transformers apparently excite him to no end. Let’s hope he forgets this costume in time for next year, because I am so NOT replicating that, lol.

After school I took a few more photos:


We watched Casper…

(Please excuse my pile of library books.)

(And the kids library DVDs on the TV stand.)

(And Rae’s toys all crazy in their bag.)








(Flashlights from Grandma Bonnie)

The kids had a really good Halloween and enjoyed all the candy and packages they received – surprise surprise, right?

Hope you had a Halloween full of spooks and not too much candy… Thanksgiving, here we come! 🙂

One thought on “So I missed…

  1. Halloween is truly for kindergarteners! What fun for them to dress up and have a parade. Did you do Olivia’s hair up? Hard to tell in the light because of how dark hers is. Thanks for sharing. Love, G-Gma

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