Day Two

Day Two


Missed my post yesterday!

To celebrate Liv being Star of the Week, we invited Olivia’s friend, Caroline, and her mom, Demi, over to make crazy cupcakes! Demi suggested we stop off to eat first, and we had a great afternoon, all six of us!

Here are some photos of the Crazy Cupcakes!


Dunc and his first cupcake



Liv didn’t use the spoon to spoon the toppings on… mostly just to eat the toppings…


Caroline and Livy making their cupcakes!


Caroline made a cupcake for her, her dad, her mom, and her older brother. 🙂 (We had LOTS of cupcakes for just three kids, haha!)


The artist at work – Duncan was very into using 3-4 colors and swirling them on his cupcake.


So serious.


And finally, here are the girls in their aprons! Olivia decided Monday night (night before Caroline came over to play) that she wanted matching aprons for when they were making their cupcakes. So mommy whipped some up! Caroline was very excited and got to take her’s home. 🙂 Duncan wore his Lego apron which I made this summer. I’m glad I bought fabric for Olivia to have an apron (and never made it) because amazingly enough I got TWO aprons out of it! Perfect size and timing. I should procrastinate more often. 😉

I’ll post another Star of the Week post this afternoon as this one is technically for yesterday. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Melissa, Too bad you used the idea already – when Laurie and Robin were older than Olivia we had a baking birthday party and I did what you did – made an apron for each girl which she took home from the party. Those girls had fun baking and eating and eating and eating. Your party sounded fun too. Aren’t you thankful for a Bernina! Love, Gma

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