Snowy remains.

Snowy remains.

So on Saturday, West Jordan got 7 inches of snow. We, personally, probably saw half of that. It was freezing outside, not terrible inside, and the kids sat at the window drooling at the neighbors playing in the snow. They’re waiting on snow boots – they had the coats, hat, snow mittens, etc. But with jeans and shoes, I figured we should at least wait until the boots arrive. We may not be able to do snow pants this year, but hopefully, as long as they’re not ROLLING in the snow, we should be okay!

Anyway, fr-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing outside. Yes, the additional “e”s were necessary, so COLD. Really, though, it wasn’t that bad. We bundled up this morning, Rae in one of her marshmallow buntings; Liv in her new winter coat, snow mittens, scarf, hood up and fastened; Duncan, in his winter coat, scarf, hat, snow mittens, and hood up and fastened. We were set. They even walked, I was surprised but glad because the original plan was to take either the big stroller or the wagon with blankets just in case it was cold even with coats. The reason I was glad (other than having to tow over 70+ pounds behind me) was because NO ONE had touched the sky bridge. Apparently the city, or UDOT, not sure which – had decided the sky bridge didn’t need any attention! Covered in snow and LOTS of ice, a snail could have beat us up the bridge… providing he didn’t freeze to the ice! Absolutely ridiculous. Regardless, we survived. I’m contemplating taking my boots on the way back to get her, but I’m not used to the way they feel and I worry that that will make me more prone to slipping. UGH, UTAH. YES, YOU, UTAH! UGH!

But we did make it home as I said, Rae went down, Mommy ate breakfast, Dunc attempted to watch some Peter Pan, and then we put on our building hats…




My very first K’NEX Copter. šŸ™‚ It was thoroughly enjoyed.

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