Remember Christmas?

Remember Christmas?

Last Christmas, Santa brought both kids a fun board game for their gift. Duncan got Don’t Wake Hulk! and Liv got Cinderella’s Enchanted Slipper game. Yes, I know this is WAY too early for a Christmas post – rest assured, this is NOT a Christmas post.

It’s a I’m-just-now-FINALLY-posting-about-something-from-Christmas-2008 post.

So, anyway, Cinderella’s Enchanted Slipper Game! We played it all together during Olivia’s Star of the Week and I had my camera out from when Caroline had visited earlier that day – so I took photos. The game really isn’t all that complicated but even Duncan gets excited when we play. 🙂

Four people can play so Rae had to sit this one out – ha! She was more than content attempting to crawl over Daddy all night trying to reach all the lovely edible game pieces. (Please excuse the bag of Christmas light boxes next to the stairs. We DO NOT have Christmas lights out right now, but Home Depot was running a special where you could bring in regular old Christmas light strands and get a credit of $3 per strand towards a new strand of LED Christmas lights, which were all on sale. When lit over the Christmas season, you could also call these the PRACTICALLY FREE LIGHTS, because they literally run all season for next to NOTHING! How great is that? Regardless of the great deal – they are now safely IN the closet, not out because we’re not Walmart. It’s November. Haven’t had Thanksgiving. Therefore – NO Christmas decorations. Leave it to mainstream commercial America to skip over the Holiday that’s all about being thankful. I think Black Friday gets more publicity than Thanksgiving. *Steps off of soapbox…*)

The game is set up very simply – everyone picks a Cinderella: purple, pink, yellow, and blue. You roll the dice and then move the number indicated. Most of the spots have a picture, you pick up the matching card. When you land on the Fairy Godmother you get to…

Press the enchanted slipper! If the shoe lights up and you get the musical/magical sound (how DO you describe that?) and you have a card, you can turn it over. (Such as, Cinderella in her work dress scrubbing the floor, to the Cinderella in her enchanted ball gown, etc.) If you get the clock tower striking sound, you do nothing. At this point everyone in the room goes “Awww!” in angst and the dice rolling begins again.

Did I mention Rachael likes this game? I’m sure it’s because she thinks she can eat it.

The game is won by having all five colors of cards, and going around getting on the Fairy Godmother enough times to turn all the cards over. Once all five cards are turned over, you get to go to the Prince’s Ball!

It’s amazing what a three-year-old and five-year-old will find interesting. This game is like the best thing in the world, next to the rare occasion that we buy Capri Sun or Squeeze-its, in their minds.

Then there’s Rae…

When the game was finished, we convinced Olivia to share the Princesses with Rachael so she could look at them. Olivia probably gave an entire oral history of Cinderella, the story, the movie, the game, her hair, the glass slipper, etc. as her little sister fiddled with the plastic pieces and contemplated teething on their faded bangs and shiny, gold dresses. The girl’s not even a year old and she’s already having this stuff crammed into her.

Sure… it’s not Battleship, Monopoly, or Strategy – but hey, it’s Princess. And we like it that way. 😉

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