Artsy Fartsy

Artsy Fartsy

Today I caught up on some blog reading as I haven’t been on in quite some time. The holidays arrived and I avoided my computer. Not sure why, I figured a holiday is a good break from being online, a good break from blogging and messaging, but the only problem with those breaks is that then I turn around the following Monday and I am a blank slate. Sure it’s nice to have a fresh start, but if I start from fresh I’m out of ideas! Thus the “late night” Monday post. 🙂

Regardless, it was nice to catch up on some blogs I hadn’t read, check my email, chit chat with friends – the usual. I also found this blog post from Life As Lou and am now craaaaaving some artsy fartsy time… 🙂 This site is so cool and has some fun finds! So I’m going to take a break from the kiddles photos and show a few things that I’m almost wanting to stretch the kids’ Christmas with…

This cute sketchbook… LOVE IT. This would definitely be a stocking stuffer for mama. Some of you may know about my unhealthy obsession with brown, birds, apples, hedgehogs, owls, and numerous other things… this includes three on that list. Way to go sketchbook, I want you. 😉









This way cool BANANA PAPER (I know, right?!) notebook. Anything banana and Melissa go together. So, maybe this is turning into a Melissa-List, not so much a for-the-kids-list. 🙂









Beeswax Crayons – this is one on the for-the-kids list. I (they) definitely don’t need Beeswax crayons, I have too many normal crayons as it is right now, but still. Beeswax. Whodathunk?









CUTE Bunch of Bunnies! I have loved rabbit-themed items every since we had Rae. Especially tiny little hand/home/mamamade items. So sweet! These are adorable, and I’d love a set for little Rae. 🙂









This would be one of those things I would need a mama-copy, and a kid-copy because these pictures are so cool… I’d have a hard time letting the kids color them, LOL. I’d want to do ALL of them! 🙂 Charley Harper Coloring Book – how stinkin’ cool.









Uh-oh. Hedgehogs. Brown. Sketchbook. That’s right; I want it.










Peppermint scented pencils: Smart Smencils. Read more! These are so cool, and so fun! I want some for when I go back to school! I guess that’s part of growing up, you go back to school and instead of getting pretty glittery items and new fresh cut packs of paper, you just scrounge around the house and find junk to use and hope you’ll have enough time for dishes, laundry, and that full word count essay.








Yeah. This site is a new obsession. Enter more smencils.










Whhhhat? SOY crayons? Man… they can make ANYTHING out of soy!










These Star Crayons are way fun. Duncan got some in his prize that he won from the County Library over the summer. One is shaped like a giraffe and the other like a star. The kids really enjoy coloring with these and they’re cute shapes, no paper, and are made from other recycled crayons! Wish I could do a project like this at home!









You know, considering this is the fourth set of crayons I’ve found and drooled over… I’d have to say, now I know WHY we have all these thousands of crayons. It all comes clear… Regardless, we have none like THESE! Watercolor Crayons! Reminds me of those coloring books they used to have when I was little. You dipped your paintbrush in water and “painted” on the pages and the colors would appear and it would be one big watercolor. 🙂








And last, but not least, are all their cards for coloring! It’s fun to see all the cute sets of cards you can pick from! So much fun. I LOVE this little bird and the hearts going up the side, so sweet! I’ll take one, please! 🙂













Well, that’s enough for today. More photos tomorrow – the kids’ snow boots arrived from Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Bill, so probably some shots of the kids in their new kicks. 😉

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