Whoops on Tuesday!

Whoops on Tuesday!

So I missed a day, again. Sometimes I just get distracted. Yesterday, the distraction was the arrival of the Wii. Yes, I know we’re horribly behind in the times but Cam and I like it that way. We paid a LOT less than our friends or family who already have the system and got a great deal with a second remote and a couple of games beyond what it comes with. 🙂 Anyway, after making Cam run up and shower after work and the kids remake their beds and clean up their rooms  – we went downstairs and played. 🙂 The kids really enjoy it though they’re still getting used to it. Duncan golfs about twice as well as Olivia and Olivia bowls about four times as well as Duncan, haha. It’s hilarious to watch this boy play golf though, I tell ya!

I’ve uploaded a bunch of new photos to flickr, including a new set called: Liv’s (budding) Photography Portfolio. These are all photos that Olivia has taken with my cell phone, some she has even staged (the Barbie and Mavis shots), she’s quite the goof. Check them out: Liv’s (budding) Photography Portfolio (Click on a photo to see it larger and you can click “next” or “previous” from there.)

And, while these aren’t the best (I haven’t had a chance to get out the Nikon and get a shot) here are a few of the kids in their boots. I definitely will take more after it storms again and brings us some more snow. But for now, here are a few. 🙂

These were taken on our way to school. She’s all decked out (though, notice the lack of snow! 🙂 Bonnie and Bill sent boots to the kids and they ended up taking this wild ride through the US Postal Service’s system and honestly, it was looking grim there for a while. The kids kept asking, “are they here yet?” and when the finally arrived, of COURSE, we now wear them EVERY day. EVERYWHERE we go. ALL the time. I don’t mind, lol – just hoping for more snow so they can actually have snow to walk in!)

On our way to the Skybridge. This actually is very pretty when it’s covered in snow and not looking the dead-dry-area-of-death. Did I mention we have TUMBLEWEEDS here in Utah? On the way to SCHOOL? Yeah. We do. (When I was a kid, I thought that was only something on Fievel Goes West.)

Duncan was being a stinker and didn’t want to hold still or smile, this was the best shot I got of him. I’ll get more, like I said, when it snows again. 🙂


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