Santa sighting!

Santa sighting!

Our Ward Christmas Party was last night. Poor Liv wasn’t feeling  well, had a fever the previous day but she made it through. Here are some highlights from the party. 🙂

Olivia looked like this half the night and in practically every photo I took of her. Poor baby was just not feeling well at all. But she was so happy to be there for the party.

The Primary did a very low-key, mellow pageant this year that consisted of towel-headed boys and tinsel-haloed girls. As soon as this started Duncan got very upset. Apparently, he remembered from last year that the stage was where Santa was supposed to be and he took this to mean that there would be no Santa. He sat this way for the first half of the show, and then bawled into my armpit for the rest…

Do you see Livy? Yeah, shorter than that Sunbeam kid. Yeah, that’s her.

SANTA! He came out at the end and surprised all the kids. 🙂

Duncan was very pleased, lol.

After waiting ALLLLL this time in the line, Olivia decided she was done and didn’t want to see Santa. Exit stage right. (Apparently she had green beans to eat.)

“I want an Ironman.”

Cam tried to get Liv to go back up, but she wouldn’t. So, here are “the kids” with Santa.

And what is wrong with my child? Look at her! It’s as if sitting on a red-clothed, large-bearded stranger is a NORMAL, every day occurrence!

She just sat  there.

I went to pick her back up and she looked up at me like, “oh, hi. You again?” No lifted arms, no quivering SAVE ME lip. For an almost-10-month-old she certainly didn’t give us the PLEASEDON’TPUTMEONTHISMAN’SLAP face.

Meanwhile, Olivia ate beans.

The end.

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