A long family-filled weekend.

A long family-filled weekend.

We’ve had a crazy weekend, it’s been definitely over the top filled with visiting, presents, a bit of the holidays, a wonderful turkey and (from what I heard) delicious apple pie… things just went really well! With this many people in my house, and it’s pretty tight, the fact that things went well in general is wonderful, lol. But they were great! I think fun and good food was had by all. We miss you guys already. 🙂

Tonight we all piled into our cars and drove to downtown SLC to see the lights at Temple Square. Cam and I started a tradition of doing this the year before we married when Liv, Dunc, and I came to visit for Christmas (2006). We went and saw the lights – just the two of us that year – and did it again the following year but with the kids that time. Then in 2008 I was about 8 months pregnant with Rachael and was having contractions just from a quick walk through the grocery store. So parking a few blocks away and then chasing children through crowds wasn’t exactly on the take-it-easy list that my Midwife had given me. So finally, this year, we went again and had a great time. 🙂 It was cold, but not as cold as I thought it would be. I actually wore my sweatshirt under my jacket as opposed to just my jacket which only make me puffier and my body almost too warm. My freezing hands and face evened the warmth all out for the most part. But, if I have to resemble a marshmallow at some point in my life, I’d had to say that winter is a good time to pull it off.

Tanya took a couple of photos of us (Me, Cam, Liv, Dunc, and Rae) while sitting in front of the reflection pool but I don’t have those yet, she said she’d email them to me when they got home. 🙂 But Tessa did get a shot of the five of us in front of the Salt Lake Temple on her cell phone.

Note the puffiness! 🙂 The kids were actually in their snow suits as I knew that would keep them warm for sure and since they hadn’t worn them in a few days, why not, right? 🙂 Olivia’s first response to finding out that we’d be wearing them to Temple Square was “OHH! I can make SNOW ANGELS!” Yeah, not so much. She quickly found out that the snow was frozen solid. Much closer to the idea of ice then anything else. There is hope though, the weatherman says we’ve got some snow coming again soon.

Well, as I’m laying in bed waiting for Cam to come back from the bathroom and there is NO way to comfortably blog in this bed for some reason, I’m going to close with that. 😛 Until tomorrow (and until an un-cranked neck)… happy holidays! 🙂

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