Before Dad and the rest of the fam arrived at our humble abode, Olivia had a performance at school. All the grades practiced Christmas and Winter-themed songs and performed them for the parents on Thursday, the 17th. The actual performance wasn’t until later in the afternoon so the PM Kindergarten students were still there, but the AM Kinders were long gone and had the option to come back and participate; which, they were encouraging all the kids (Parents, rather, seeing as 5-year-olds can’t drive) to do.

We anticipated going and were excited but I gave Olivia the option. She was in a LOVELY mood that afternoon and responded with “UGGGH! FINE. I just don’t like the MOTIONS.”

“The motions?”

“YES. MOTIONS, like this!” She proceeds to snap and slap her thigh, very quickly with an awful, annoyed look on her face. “MOTIONS.”

So, we went, as she said she would sing but refused to participate in THE MOTIONS. I didn’t realize how humorous this would be – I should have known: the shortest girl in all the Kindergarten classes wearing a huge bright white and pink snow parka with black Hannah Montana  boots up to her knees singing “Who’s got a big red cherry nose?” with a look on her face like she’d like to take a belt sander to that nose so it wouldn’t be so cherry anymore… DARN THOSE MOTIONS.

Check her out. 🙂

Singing? Check.




Well. She is singing, and she is pretty cute. They did well on all their songs and while Olivia didn’t go through the motions (haha, bad pun) of a full-on Kindergarten Christmas Song Performance, she certainly looked better than Bob Dylan did with his two-handed-nod motion. MOTIONS!

Must be Santa! The countdown continues…

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