Our favorite game.

Our favorite game.

Rachael has many games she enjoys, including slime-as-many-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-as-you-can-before-Duncan-notices and look-extra-cute-while-banging-objects-on-other-objects-so-mommy-won’t-stop-you. But, one of her favorites is the simplest game in the world: hit-Duncan-on-the-head.

The game even rivals flip-over-as-quickly-as-possible-during-diaper-change-and-turbo-crawl-away-from-Mommy-shaking-cute-naked-bottom-on-the-way.

Steal-dirty-socks-out-of-laundry-room-and-crawl-away-to-hide-them-before-Mommy-catches-on? It’s got nothin’ on this sweet, egg-shaped, lovely head.

Such silly littles. 🙂

(NOTE: No Duncans were harmed during the making of this post, the photographing of these shots, and the playing of this game. Duncan actually taught Rachael this game and the two of them thoroughly enjoy every second played.) 😉

Enjoy your Christmas Eve Eve!

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