The Christmas (Paper) Elf

The Christmas (Paper) Elf

Yesterday Cameron and I finally pulled out all of our gifts and put them under the tree. Our actual gifts, to and from one another, weren’t even wrapped! So, after bow-ing and  placing all the kids’ gifts under the tree Cam headed upstairs with one kid, I stayed downstairs with another (the littlest was napping) and we wrapped each other’s gifts. Then, of course, 1/3 of the way through, Rae woke. Cam had her for a little while and then I had Olivia bring her downstairs with us – she happily jumped at the idea. Before long Rae was sitting in a lovely pile of wrapping paper scraps and bows that she had dumped from Duncan’s too-eagerly opened ahemDESTROYEDcough bag. She had a blast. 🙂

Sweet girl. 🙂

I caught it! This is the cheese ball grin that Rae will give us if we do it to her first, she apparently finds it hilarious and with her little teeth coming in, it’s adorable, LOL.

Christmas Christmas, here we come!

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