Let’s start with Christmas morning.

Let’s start with Christmas morning.

There are SOOOO many Christmas morning photos to post, the extra o’s on “so” don’t even come close to how exaggerated this word SHOULD be. Regardless, I’ll attempt to post photos and mini-thank-you’s to those who sent them.

For now, I’m posting the yummy Apple Pie we made for Santa this year, in lieu of cookies. Mommy was cookie’d out. In fact, the very cookies that cookie’d me out are STILL in the cookie jar. Untouched. (HINT HINT, Husband and children. Eat up!)

And now, the Christmas Eve Pie.

Step 1: Do some dishes.

Step 2: Make and roll out pie crust dough.

Step 3: After placing bottom crust and trimming edges, add yummy apple filling.

Step 4: Roll out top of pie crust and place on top of pie.

Step 5: Smile and pretend that you didn’t trim the top pie crust too closely and be happy that you were able to shape the edges at all. 😛

Step 6: Add some finishing touches… (including brushing the lovely pie with cream and sprinkling its top with sugar!)

Step 7: Voila! Shiny with sugar and surrounded by LOVELY electric coil burners. YUM. (The pie. Not the burners.)

Step 8: Merry Christmas Santa!

Christmas Morning photos tomorrow! 🙂

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