Christmas with the Wagners

Christmas with the Wagners

Here are some photos from when we went over to celebrate with Meme & Papa Wagner. Keep in mind, our family gatherings are always filled with LOTS of people. 🙂 The photos are just a few and not the best. We’re all too busy running around and moving on to the next thing, so it’s not super easy to get many photos in. But I did get a few good shots. 🙂 Plus, Danine (Cameron’s Mom) got a good family shot of the five of us. 🙂


This photo is entitled: I have a new zebra shirt with black-sparkle leggings, therefore, I am Rockstar. Hear me roar.

Jordan (5) and Duncan (3)

Rae entertaining herself with the little Christmas toy on a ribbon from Meme.

Olivia and part of her gift, a bag from Meme & Papa and Hannah Montana sleeping bag for sleepovers.

Thanks Meme & Papa!

Duncan and his new Mickey puzzle and Coloring Packet that Meme put together for all the boys.

Thanks Meme & Papa!

These cute HUGE bags were filled with presents for all the grandkids, almost up to Olivia’s shoulders! 🙂

Angela & Curtis brought over giant gingerbread man shaped sugar cookies for everyone to decorate. Here’s Duncan’s cookie. 🙂

Thanks Ang & Curt! 🙂

Jordan and his cookie.

Alissa (3)

Zachary (1)

Andrew (4)

Liv and her cookie. 🙂

Christina, Ashlinn (1), and Ashlinn’s cookie!

Curtis, brother-in-law, and his very organized cookie, lol. 🙂

And our family shot from Danine.

Merry Christmas 2009!


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