Just an update. :)

Just an update. :)

Olivia started school back up on Monday the 4th and I think we were both ecstatic for her to go back. She’s growing up so fast and is so used to a fast-paced morning at school that we seem to wear each other out very quickly. Like the first day of our two-week Christmas Break. Duncan was happy to see her home and obviously Rachael got a lot more play time in with the two of them, despite the fact that her napping schedule was thrown off horribly. It all worked out and Rae is adjusting very nicely to going back to normal.

This is just a short update post to check in and to let you know that I’ve back posted a few blogs because of missing days, naughty-naughty. Here are links to them, be sure to check them out. 🙂

Christmas Morning (part two)

Christmas with the Wagners

Keeping it real.

Keeping it real (part two)

Also, in the upper right hand corner, I now have a spot for you to enter your email address and get an email each time that I post a new bit on the blog. This is very handy for staying updated on everything that’s going on and everything that I’m blogging. For those of you that are on WeeWeb with me – they’ve given me problems and are attempting to go to pay-accounts with premium features and honestly, I don’t need to pay for something as silly as a program that will email people for me – I can do that! Nor do I think the grandparents want to have to pay to receive messages and things about the kids. So I won’t be using that any further but I won’t take the site down either. It’s open for you to continue to look through and see photos and etc.

But please, type in your email address and submit it to receive a note each time the blog is updated – a great way to stay up to date! 🙂

Hope everyone is keeping up on their goals for the new year and enjoying their January. We sure are. 🙂

Love you all.

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